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  • VEP Feature Request - Multiple Servers!

    I've been a bit disheartened to find that my lovely new Ivory II grand piano is 32 bit only in OSX thanks to ilok only having 32 bit drivers, and so this beautiful memory hog has to sit inside 32bit VE Pro alongside all my other retarded 32 bit ilok-bound plugins.

    If only...  VE PRO 32 bit (server) could be started over and over, all separate instances, each a separate process, each addressing a separate 3GB... I'd be in retro 32bit heaven.

    Can you make my dream come true, mr. vienna?



  • Hmm.... just did an interesting workaround...

    I installed Ivory II and VE Pro on the virtual Windows 7 64-bit, running inside VMWare Fusion, and it actually works perfectly when you hook it up to Cubase on my Mac - once I'd disabled the Aero visuals and set priority to Background Services - the old PC tweaks.

    Seems like a miracle to me. Pretty low CPU overhead too...


  • I'd also like to see this feature, since there are still quite a few 32-bit plugins that haven't made the 64-bit jump, for whatever reason. I tried duplicating the 32-bit server application and renaming it, but it seems that doesn't work.

    I've run up to my memory limit instantiating plugins in both DP (still 32-bit) and VE Pro. Being able to open another 32-bit server would go a long way to solving my problems.

  • Problem with 32-bit environment is that the allocated RAM space has to be shared among all 32-bit apps. As you mentioned, there might be a way to create a separate, virtual ram space but it may involve licensing VM code or developing new code from scratch. By the time it works the VI's may already be available in x64. I hope I'm wrong though and that it's fairly easy to implement cause this is a great idea.

  • This isn't really trivial to implement unfortunately and as you point out, by the time we have it done most decent plugins will be available in 64-bit anyway.

  • Is there an OSX version of J-Bridge? Or something else that does the same? This would temporarily solve the problem.


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    @Karel said:

    ...most decent plugins will be available in 64-bit anyway.

    Haha...I guess I'm not using "decent" plugins. I think you know who I'm referring to... [;)]

  • Anyway the happy thing is this problem is solvable as I said.

    You 'just' install VMware Fusion on your Mac, and in that you run Windows 7 64-bit, and in that you run 64 bit VE Pro server and in that you run your iLok plugins (64 bit PC versions), and then VE PRO in your Mac host automagically finds it and it actually works. Good streaming, loads of new memory allowed, low latency, no clicks.  You *do* need an extra iLok and Syncrosoft dongle, and all that software, so it can be a pricey fix.

    It was a bit elaborate too. To make it work you need to transfer your samples to the virtual Windows drive, and you need to set performance tweaks like adjusting for high performance of background services.  But it *does* work.

  • I have everything set up, except VE pro server on the mac side do not automagically finds the VE instances on the Windows7. Did I miss something?

    Are you lauching the VEP server on the pc or in the mac? Because mine is on the mac.

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    @Another User said:

    Is there an OSX version of J-Bridge? Or something else that does the same? This would temporarily solve the problem.


    No, I've spoken to Johnny, the developer of JBridge, and he doesn't plan on coding an OS X version.