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  • Blasts of white noise on Logic Pro 9

    This appears to be a pretty common issue, and it seems to be Mac/Apple related. I'm getting quite often some huge blasts of white noise, deafening stuff. Other people are experiencing this while recording audio tracks, but I get this problem on VSL tracks. I'm on Logic 9.1.3, OS 10.6.6 combo updated, IMac 2,66 8Gb RAM. Apple seems to have no solution for this. I'm looking for help because with this problem I can't work anymore.

  • Hello,

    I can give you the best help you're ever going to get on this subject because I went through it for years, with many different machines (from Logic 7 through Logic 9).  I also know many many people who also suffered this.  They stipulate it's hard drive performace.  Awesome!  I buy the best in the world.  BOOOM my head gets blown off 2 days later.  They say it's slow memory.  ALRIGHT!!!  Crucial here I come!  SLAM I get my head blown off again while in the studio wearing headphones.  My head rang for 3 days from that one.

    I continued to search and search for an answer and was determined to find a solution.  I tried 100s or more things, spent countless hours and money to no avail.  And then viola!  I fixed the problem and have NEVER had it happen again!  I bought a brand new Windows 7 machine and put Studio One from Presonus on it and have never looked back!  No more pops, clicks, blown ear drums (or fear of it happening) etc.  I am actually making more music then I ever did on my Apple.  Not to mention everything from VSL works better on Windows 7 then OS X and the load times are also faster in every way in every test I have compared.  Windows 7, Presonus Studio One and VSL MIR is my new permanent work horse.

    So there it is!  Send Apple my love, hugs and kisses!  This ships never returning!


  • Your story is more or less what happened to me. This is disheartening, but I can't imagine there's no solution at all. I'll try to blank my IMac and reinstall everything

  •  If you put a limiter on your master bus whilst working, that will stop you damaging your ears.


  • That's actually not a bad idea DG if you can remember to always have one on it (maybe get a hardware solution to be safe).  I for one put up with it for so many years I couldn't take it anymore.  It got so bad at one point that I was getting blasted 2-3 times a day.  It's not worth it and we both know as much as you would like to see it go away from wiping and re-installing everything that it's still going to come back at some point.  A simple google search or visit over to the Apple forums can reconfirm this.  Mine was so bad for a while that they gave me new hardware to replace mine, upgraded me to leopard and then snow leopard for free.  Yes, for free.  Because they knew I tried for years to get rid of it and nothing worked.

    Do you have any idea how embarrased I was when a paid customer came over to do a piano recording and had headphones on to hear the rest of the mix and got his head blown off?  He threw the headphones at the wall and smashed them and jumped out of his seat like someone had shot his wife.  He was mortified and grabbed his stuff, stormed out and demanded his money back.  I also remember when my buddy did a live band (singer, lead guitar, base guitar, drums and keyboard) in his studio.  All at once they ALL got that feedback and ripped off their headphones and couldn't do the rest of the recording until the following day because the singer was so worked up over it.  They were terrified to put the headphones back on.  Can you blame them?

    I care more about my hearing, my customers hearing and enjoyment of making music then trouble shooting their failure of which they have no idea how to fix.  It's dangerous, especially when using headphones.  I wish you all the best of luck but I am never going back, I wasted to much of my life trying to fix their issues and getting my head blasted while doing recordings.  Some people get lucky and for some reason their exact same machine and setup didn't do it.  After a while, you just lose interest in a product.  Logic and OS X did it for me.  I must add, I have never been so happy in Logic as I am right now in Studio One.  I am more than happy I made the switch finally.

    Good luck I hope it works out for you!


  • I have the limiter set up in my template, not because of white noise burst, but just for those times  when I intend to type a gain of 1db and actually put 111db instead.  [:$]