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  • Brass 1 or Dimension Brass


    I was about to purchase Brass I standard. I'll be able to get Brass I extended for free with the current sale.

    Now that Vienna Dimension Brass is available, I am undecided as to which library to purchase as I can only only afford one at this time.

    Would anyone like to offer an opinion on which library might be more valuable as the first brass library purchase.

  • This is my situation also. I already own the full SE with the plus extension.So, I have some decent brass covered with this.

    Well, I cannot give you a definitive answer about the usefulness of dimension brass in your music. The concept looks very good.

    For now, I  just ordered brass 1 because of the multitude of articulations. At the moment, I am studying a couple of scores by John Williams. The brass writing there is so advanced. Very virtuosic, often dominating the whole orchestra.

    So, I guess for anything that comes close to such a brass style the older brass 1 would be still better because it has such a huge variety of articulations. 

    But there are other styles were brass is not nearly as dominant. Here, you might get faster results with dimension brass. Hopefully, they wil melt better in an organic way.

    Keep in mind that brass 1 is not a complete brass library. You are still missing bass trombone/contrabass trombone and contrabass tuba.

    I guess that I can live easily with those low brass instruments having only a dozen of articulations.So,my SE would cover this easily.

    This may be of not much help for you. Just the way I see things....[:)]

  •  Hi Compose321,

    a good question, the answer is, it depends on your needs. If your focus is on brass instruments performing primary in a soloistic context, the DVD collections Brass 1, or Brass 2 should be your first choice.

    If you need first and foremost ensemble performances of trumpets, horns or trombones (monophonic and polyphonic) Dimension Brass will be your friend.

    To cover both needs and not spending too much money, there is also the option to buy Dimension Brass and select one or two solo brass instruments of our Download Instrument product line. 



  • Are there any plans to add muted/stopped brass to Dimension Brass? My dilemma is that I really want stopped horns, but it looks like the only way to get them is to get the extended brass 1. It is not available in the downloadable horns. I was planning on getting Dimension Brass, but then I would also have to get brass 1 and brass 2, which is a lot of brass!

  • Hello

    Did you use the samples of the actual brass to make Dimension Brass ?



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    @Another User said:

    Did you use the samples of the actual brass to make Dimension Brass ?

    Of course not. To be honest, I've not the slightest idea how Dimension Brass could have been done just using samples of previous libraries.  As we mentioned for Dimension Brass: the most important thing was, that all players of a section performed together but were recorded with individual microphones.



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    Hi Herb,

    Thanks for the new  library.You said,

    @herb said:

    all players of a section performed together but were recorded with individual microphones.

    Why is it that there seems to be no apparent leakage into the spot mics?

    Also, why was the decision make to not include on 'overall room sound ensemble' sample for each of the various articulations?

    Thanks & best regards,


  •  Hi Jack,

    the recording setup was designed to get as less as possible leakige between the mikes.

    This setup is not an optimal one for overall miking

    And an overall room mike wouldn't work with the apporach, that the ensemble could be used for chord playing with individual instruments, it would only work for unisono performing sections like our previous recorded ensembles.

    By the way the Dimension Brass work perfectly with all existing ensembles, if you want to produce a kind of spot and room mike setup.



  • Dimension Brass seems to be really cool! I really like the automatic voicing concept and the mic choices. Also the "humanize" settings etc. all make a lot of sense and the demo video sounds like this could be the best VSL brass library ever and the "most Hollywood-ish" of them all. I wonder, what was used for reverb in the demo - MIR or.... ?Just wondering how much effort it will take to make it sound more distant, also, was any EQ applied to the demo material in the video? Would love to hear some more demos.

  •  Hi Simon,

    thanks for your interest. Reverb was a Vienna Suite.

    I just used a factory  "Konzerthaus" preset  without any additional tweaking, no other effects or EQ were applied.

    Demos will be online propably tomorrow.



  • Could Dimension Brass and further developments eventually replace the whole brass section and even all ensembles included within the Super Package? I've been thinking about the loss of naturalness for example using a horn ensemble of 8 horns. You could say playing a 3-voice chord would finally result in a chord played by 24 horns, right? It sounds okay to my ears but you get my point? And Dimesnsion Brass seems exactly to solve that problem.

  • Replace?  One would surely hope not: there are at least some of us who are drawn to VSL precisely due to the fact that VSL offers something other than "Hollywood," that it is far more than the "one trick pony" that some of the competition tends towards.

    Augment/additional sound options?  One would hope so: the greater choice within the available sounds, the better.  If VSL were to gain a greater share of the "Hollywood" sound market, that would likely be of benefit VSL's bottom line.  But, if one is composing a piece for a smaller "classical" type ensemble, there are reasons why one can find demos of Mozart on the VSL site, though not on the sites of certain competitors: VSL can do it well, certain competitors cannot.

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    @herb said:

    If Dimension Brass is succesful it's defenitely worth to consider it.

    Dear Herb, dear VSL-Team,

    I like to read that Dimension Brass offers also the blaring sustain articulation. The response to the announcement of Dimension Brass in several internet forums is like that: very good idea, the automatic voice split, the human touch control etc. are great, but why are mutes and stops missing? i think there is some upset about the question if dimension brass becomes a "big" library like the DVD collections.

    I also hope that it becomes a success, I also hope that more VSL Ensemble Libs like this will be produced. It´s a big step forward! But it would be a pity if several customers don´t buy it because of the missed articulations while you say the production of the missed articulations depends on the success of Dimension Brass...

    best Rainer

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    @herb said:

    Hi Simon,

    thanks for your interest. Reverb was a Vienna Suite.

    I just used a factory  "Konzerthaus" preset  without any additional tweaking, [....]

    ... which of course is based on a reworked single postion of the MIR recording sessions (... just for the sake of completeness 😉 ...)


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library