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  • Dimension Brass info-impressions

    The demo sounds fantastic. Seems like maybe we can finally work with the nuances between a passage played solo vr. a4. I'm wondering what reverb(s) were used in the video, and how wet/dry the samples are. This new recording technic by VSL might call for new reverb technics. [B]

  • Very impressive demo and a great way of managing the brass family but where are the mutes? I would buy this set immediately if there were muted and stopped sounds for horns (and I wouldn't mind a decent range of trumpet and trombone mutes). I can't understand why VSL keeps leaving them out.

    Otherwise I am very happy working with VSL day after day after day.....

  • I know what you mean, brass come in so many flavors (mutes, stopped, blared, etc.) and this only covers some of the ground, but it seems to cover it in a new way. I’m sure that there will be a level two of this library in the future.

  • At some point, there will be every single instrument of the orchestra available as a soloist ... up to every string player sampled individually. ;-)

    It's kind of the divisi approach ... I like it! I won't go for it this time, though.It sounds great, I admitt, but I am missing mutes, too. What also worries me, is that I already have all the Brass Libs from VSL (plus other companys' brass).

    Where is the end, I wonder? At least, I would expect a more significant offer for loyal customers, that bought so much already. It seems to be all new sample material, I get it. But still ... where is the end ... all Strings and Woodwinds need the same approach, then all the mutes ... what else? And should i fell bad now, for buying brass I -III?

    Still, the sound ist great ... [D]

  • Finally!  I have been waiting for this!  It will be so nice to have a single solution, instead of fighting to get all the different libraries in my Frankenstein's-Monster-of-an orchestra to play nicely together, what with the different reverb, placement, recording techniques.  Garritan started with the ensemble building thing and I have been surprised how slowly it has caught on.  There's no reason to not sample each player.

  • Dear community,

    thanks to all for your interest.

    We've worked on the Vienna Dimension Brass for two years and decided that the public should not wait longer to get access to this new baby. From our opinion it's filling a lot of gaps, and enables a complete new and smart workflow arranging with brass instruments.

    Regarding mixing, the Dimension Brass can integrated without any problems in a MIR, a VE PRO/Vienna Suite, or any other mixing enviroment.

    Demos produced with different mixing approaches will be uploaded very soon.



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    @Another User said:

    Still, the sound ist great ...


  • I'd be interested to know if these new sample recordings took the opportunity to extend the higher octaves of the horns and trumpets. As has been commented on a number of occasions and in my experience reflects modern orchestral recordings the current brass libraries do not provide the high notes that are called for (and achieved) on many scores.