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  • Chugga-chugga chugga-chugga chugga-chugga chugga-chugga........

    UGH!.... I just returned from having seen the latest 'Potter' flick - deathly hallows indeed... Seriously, the more arpeggiators I hear in soundtracks, the more I'm considering becoming a serial killer!

    Mr. Desplat (from now on pronounced without silent letters) chose to follow those of lesser ability down the path of least resistance. So long.... 

  • I'm not allowed to see Harry Potter films - EVER! Why? Because it's a full on dictum from the Pope himself. When The Vatican tells me NO Harry Potter - I obey. 

    But wait a minute Eric. Did you see chugga-chugga set in the Vatican and called Angels & Demons? What WAS the Pope thinking letting Hans do the chugga - chugga?

    I have to chug off to the dining room now. Yet another dictum.

    Pax vorbiscum

  • His Eminence must have been hypnotized by the chugging drone, he didn't know what the chug he was signing... After the disappointment that was the 'Code', I forewent the sequel... Enjoy your dinner, I won't, my stomach is playing up....

  • Yes my stomach always plays me up when I'm trying to eat and watch Tottenham Hotspur at the same time. Mind you, Werder Bremen were a poor side. They started off badly and gradually fell away. They needed a serious injection of CGI last night to even stand a chance because Gareth Bale is not actually human - he is in fact a CGI construct! They programmed him to miss that penalty btw.

    The dialogue of The Da Vinci Code was like something from an Enid Blyton book. It was unreal. But the film did have CGI and lots of it. I understand Harry Potter films have a lot of CGI too. Great! Maybe Gareth Bale will get a part in the next one. 

    When I was a kid I used to get in to the local cinema at the side entrance with a couple of other like-minded loony kids to watch stuff like Psycho or Peeping Tom.  Sometimes I would even pay 1 shilling and watch something like Darby O Gil & the Little People just to keep up appearances. People say all that stuff at the age of 9 or 10 will give you boys nightmares. The one that gave me the worst nightmares was actually Bambi. WTF?

    Now these kids take in Harry Potter and all that CGI. Tremendous. Who the chug is going to look after all these people when they get old?  [:D]

  • ya know, those kind of chugging rhythms are always better in punk or postpunk. I sincerely don't know why anyone would waste time trying to create those effects in an orchestra, other than I guess it makes money and makes audiences feel that what is happening on screen is intense and important

    but I think a good rule of thumb is that chugging always sounds like annoying portentous garbage if it's a traditional un-amplified orchestra. and even if it's not, sometimes...

  • I know the feeling ever since Batman Begins with those fast staccato strings, its been a pandemic. Maybe it is just a case of directors specifically calling for that like in every Horner (well to be fair at least 3) film where for some reason he uses the main motif from Rachmaninoff's first as the centre piece of the score. I got a fevah, and the only cure is some arpegiatted strings supported by the biggest drum you can find , oh and cowbell. I gotta have more cowbell. In fact replace those weird looking wooden things those guys are blowing into with more strings and brass doubled with cowbell.

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    @mikezaz_27157 said:

    I sincerely don't know why anyone would waste time trying to create those effects in an orchestra, other than I guess it makes money and makes audiences feel that what is happening on screen is intense and important

    If you watch most of the dire fantasy films that have been made over the last 25 years, most of the scores are basically old 'western' scores tarted up slightly through modern orchestration.

    The original score to Batman by Elfman isn't that original either. People always go on about how original it is/was but it actually isn't. It's good though and works well in the film. I don't give a shyte about film music if the film is crappola anyway. It could be Bernard Herrmann's best score ever but who cares if you're having to sit through drivel. Most films today are drivel and have to work bottom up, or if you prefer they need to be dumbed down. You're selling to modern day audiences don't forget and it's a sad fact that most of these people have suffered through inadequate education systems and need everything explained over and over and over and in their faces. This is part of what makes film going a chore instead of an entertainment. Scripts are a thing of the past because a good script would need to be understood.

    Take for instance a recent film called Braveheart. This is a film that is really clever and uses techniques that are designed to appeal to drunks that just came out of the boozer. Effectively it's a film version of a football match with a sickly sentimental score going through it. Sentimentality is of course the downfall of Americans and their films today. I originally thought I was going to watch something historical on a large scale. Instead I found a fantasy film that in fact a 'western' score would have been completely appropriate.

    Good evening.

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