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  • Solo Clarinet in A ?


       I don't want to know what's your plans but a solo clarinet in A could be welcome ! [H] 


  •  +1

    And I would like to have a sampled C-Clarinet too. The A-Clarinet sounds a bit darker and the C-Clarinet a bit clearer than the Bb-Clarinet (unconsidered the slightly different ranges). The "Baby Elephant Walk" Theme by H. Mancini e.g. is played by a C-Clarinet  (after knowledge of my ears, if I'm wrong and anybody know the original score  a n d  recording please feel free to correct me. The sharpness of the Eb-Clarinet starts in higher ranges, so this should be debarred.) 

    Beside the Bb-Clarinet so there a two different Clarinet-instruments which are still much more used in real life than e.g. the Heckelphon. (vsl did caring so well for the oboe-family!) I like them too, but are there any plans to add-ons for the woodwinds-collection?

    For any reply thanks in advance!


  • I have asked for this before also - so +1 from me [:D]

    We have 2 flutes, 2 Oboes and 2 bassoons - but only 1 Clarinet ( not counting the aux. instruments ), and it would be really nice to have a second clarinet and one in A will double quite nicely.