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  • Stuck notes in DP 7.2

    I constantly, intermittently have to force notes off by either putting up the VSL player and selecting the stuck note,s on the keyboard or in DPs case, scrubbing the time bar back over the arrangement where the stuck note exists.

    Only VSL has this issue. Not Kontakt or any other VI.

    Advise please.

  • I'm not sure if this is related, but I have reported stuck note problems to tech support that are currently being investigated.

  • I have had this as well, I'm in DP 7.2

  • DP-7.2 does allow you to kill stuck notes with a command 1 but VSL is the only VI that does not respond to this command that I know of. This would be the first thing I would add to the player compatibility. At least then it would help workflow.