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  • East West Play finally fixed!!?

    Looks like there's a new version released today. Anyone tried it out yet?

    I won't be able to "take a chance" till next week.

    Here are the main changes listed:

    Changes and enhancements in PLAY Software Update version 2.0.18
    • Improved performance
    • Resolved clicking in some HS Legato patches at low buffer
    • Resolved CPU Overload and Crash when using Solo function
    • Fixed compatibility Issue with VE PRO
    • Fixed wrong GUI Interface When Replacing instrument
    • Fixed clicks in some looped patches
    • Resolved problems when using multiple MIDI ports
    • Corrupt samples can be ignored
    • Fixed crash when quitting Logic 8
    • Fixed offline bouncing issue with time stretch patches

  • lol And Doug Rogers just flamed me not too long ago over at Gearslutz for saying that Play was buggy and not surprising it doesn't work in VE Pro as it doesn't work too well in a lot of DAWs even.  He said the Vienna developers had just admiited it was a VE Pro problem.

  • To be fair, Doug's comments on this latest update state that to fix this incompatibility it required work on both sides.

  • Try Play 2.0.18 in older versions of VE Pro and you'll know for sure ;)

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    @inwinterhesleeps said:

    To be fair, Doug's comments on this latest update state that to fix this incompatibility it required work on both sides.

    To be fair, Doug initially swore up and down that everything was just fine on the EW side and that it was totally Vienna's fault and that it would require a fix from Vienna and EW didn't need to do anything about it.  I hope he remembers this next time there's an issue and is more diplomatic instead of immediately blaming everyone but his own company.

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    @Karel said:

    Try Play 2.0.18 in older versions of VE Pro and you'll know for sure 😉

    Lolll Sorry, but I don't like the arrogance and presumption of Doug.

    Even I've some EW products...

  • So Karel, you are stating that absolutely nothing has been done by VSL to make things work? Or is it just that the VSL team implemented their side of the fix a lot quicker?

  • Anyone want to try the latest PLAY with earlier versions of VEP?  It would be interesting to see how long it has been fixed on the vienna side.

  • That was actually just a hint to state that nothing was fixed on our side. The new version of Play should work fine in all versions of VE Pro.

  • Wow, that is very interesting indeed. [:)]

  • Does that mean all as in recent versions, or all as in since the very first release of VEP?

  • It should work in any release of VE Pro.

  • I have been getting some white noise off and on with Play.. I am using Sonar, Win 7. For me it's not 100% rock solid yet.

  • And this behavior is exclusive to using it inside VE Pro? If not, I recommend taking this to the Play support team.

  • On that Geaslutz thread where shills for EastWest were outed he explcitly said nothing was wrong with PLAY and it was VSL's problem.  Too bad they deleted that thread.  It was a beauty.

  • My own experiences with Play as VSTi in Cubase are not good: frequent crashes or no sound output when using Play, also some graphic errors sometimes. I try to use my older Kontakt versions of EW instead when ever possible.

    So I would definetely believe that this is an EW problem - not a Vienna problem.

  • I did see a post elsewhere from someone who tried running the new PLAY with an older version of VEP - it ran but there were some functionality bugs which went away when he updated to a newer version of VEP.  So it does look like there were some fixes made on the vienna side that helped PLAY work better.

  • There were some overall improvements to plugin hosting in VE Pro updates, which could indeed also affect Play. No Play specific fixes were ever done for the hosting of Play in VE Pro however. I think this is not a matter of pointing fingers though. Let's just be happy that the compatibility problem is resolved and get on with our lives ;)

  • Any reports from users that the v2.0.18 update is now really working with VE Pro? I had a few libraries from EastWest and ultimately had to stop using them completely in my template because of the incompatibility with VE Pro.

  • Seemed to work just fine here.