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  • DP/DAE with VEPro - midi port naming FIXED!

    Heads up to all those using DP/DAE with VEPro, with the latest version of VEPro v4.o.6150, VSL trimmed the MIDI naming down for RTAS (which was really long)

    This has inadvertently fixed the MIDI port naming issue where DP could not distinguish the different ports of a given VEPro instance. 

    So, now when using VEPro with DP/DAE, all the correct ports are displayed in DP's MIDI selection.

    Thank you VSL!

  • The fix doesn't apply to AU though :)

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    @Karel said:

    The fix doesn't apply to AU though 😊

    Yeah, I noticed ;^)

    It's OK though, Keep up the good work!