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  • Network performance increase in windows7

    Hey, Maybe this should be a sticky. I found that, by doing the tricks on this site: I could increase the performance of vienna ensemble pro a lot. Hardly any asio spikes left, while i had a lot of them when buffer was set to none. Enjoy!

  • Looks like a nice link. Thanks for sharing.

  • no problem :)

  • Hey Karel /  jvdieks

    I am having an issue with not 'seeing' my slaves today on the network.   Tried this first step 'tuning' and got a 'syntax' error (disabling auto-tuning) - but copied exactly the tutorial link???   Have you successful done this in W7 - 64 bits?   If so - any tricks?

  • Did the other 5 things and I think 'flushing the dns' corrected the not seeing slaves over the network.  Still like to do the 'disable auto-tuning' if someone can suggest method (who is on W7 - 64 bits)

  • On a Mac you can go into network preferences/ethernet\advanced, ethernet tab and change MTU to the highest, 9000.

    also: On an OSX.5 or > system,(in terminal) dscacheutil -flushcache

  • How about W7 - 64 bits  - will not let me change the autotuning (syntax error)???????

    SOLVED - didn't type in 'set'[:(]

    However - with all 6 fixes - don't notice any improvement (same number of pops/crackles).  My only solution with 3 slaves connected is running 2X plus 512 latency on master.  Never a pop or crackle - just a bit tough on playing in percussion parts..