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  • How to make your mother cry

     Yo peeps!

    Please take a few moments to check out a piece i did recently.

    Now, this is not a "vsl" only composition, but the Strings are VSL Appassionata, and the trumpets are The Fanfare trumpets, so i figure there is enough of VSL in here to validate posting this here.

    Also, i used the vienna suite eq and powerpanner on all the trax here, no other plugs involved, exept for the reverb ...which is a combo of VSL, Altiverb, Roomworks and custom impulses.">

    Thanx for listening :)

  • Hi Pzy-Clonem

    It's a great piece of music there. Lots of movement in the music and also the contrast between the different timbres in the orchestration. I like how you ended the piece on a growly type of low note in the bass strings. As we would all expect a big "bang" orchestral ending chord for a piece with a fast tempo such as this, this is a kind of refreshing "surprise" ending which I really liked.

    Thanks for posting this!



  •  Thanx man! Priciate your comment.

    This was a more or less a test to see how far it was possible to push the Appassionata Strings in terms of fast runs and such, the ending is more a loose thread for me to grab onto, in the eventuality that i prolong the piece some rainy day :)

    Thanx for your time.

  • Hi Pzy-Clone,

    Thanks for your reply. I enjoyed listening to your music!



  • Thanks for posting this. Short and sweet, but an enjoyable listen. The ending caught me out - I was expecting something else! A nice touch though. Let us know if you ever decide to expand it.

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