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  • Vienna choirs...will there be a wordbuilder ? really like to get the VSl choirs, but i feel they are too limited at this a simple question:

    Will it ever expand? And will there be some sort of wordbuilding feature at some point in the NOT too distant future?

    It is quite expensive as it is already....personally im not gonna purchase this unless i know it will be expandable at some point, becouse getting stuck with some quite costly ahhs and uuhs seem less desirable than some of the other current competing products.

    I think its a fair question, and one i hope VSL will answer...they did give out the impression they were doing a preliminary version...and that implies there is more to come offcourse...i dont see what use i would have for another aaah library at this point, so i think it would be helpfull to get some more info on what the plan is here,,,it all seems rather vague.

    Anyway, so there you go...hopefully there will be some info on the grand masterplan behind this soon, so until then im holding back my looong planned purchase of this, becouse id like to know if it will actualy expand into a full choir with the mentioned WB capacity we all have gotten acustomed to from certain other libraries....

    So, VSL...feel free to shed some light on the matter :)

  • Hi Pzy-clone,

    yes, the choir will be enhanced. Additional recordings are already in progress. Sorry that I can't give any release schedules at the moment.



  • Ah...thanx for making that clear, priciate it.!

    Understand that you cannot specify the schedule, thats ok...and even tho you dont mention any WB features, i guess that`s where I hope this will end up , and more or less i think that`s what is being implied here? :)

    Thanx for your time.

  • Boy Pzy-clone, you sure have a way with herb, I'm impressed! 

  • What I'd really like is a chamber choir - Oh! and some ferme bouche mmmmmm that would be nice[:)]

  • I think what we all really want but are afraid to ask, is the chipmunks choir. Love that Alvin! 

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    @Guy said:

    I think what we all really want but are afraid to ask, is the chipmunks choir. Love that Alvin! 

    Hahaha! Funny, Guy... Oddly enough, Tonehammer released a "Choir" set of 4 male singers all while inhaling helium! So they all have that squeaky high-pitched voices.... Not exactly the most useful, but it is pretty amusing  😄

  • That's right, gnomehammer helium choir is big fun.

    Attached the official demo

    Best regards