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  • Vienna Ensemble (confused)


    I just got a new computer, OS Windows 7 (64 bit), 8 gigs ram, 3.20 ghz.  I'm running the 32 bit version of Cubase 5.  When I load the Ensemble it keeps loading the 64 bit version.  The problem is, I'm not able to use the fx in VE, it says non avalible (or something like that) when I click to add altiverb to bus to.. I tried deleting the 64 bit version of VE and then it wouldn't open at all in Cubase.  In stand alone it's fine, when I click on fx-it gives a full drop down list. Also in stand alone, it doesn't say (64 bit).  I also deleted the .dll of the 64 bit but that didn't help either.



  • I don't think you can load the 32bit version of VE in a 64bit OS (unlike VE Pro). However, as a workaround you could always use J-Bridge for your 32bit plugs.