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  • Vienna Choir finished!

     Dear community,

    I'm very happy to announce that we have finished the "Vienna Choir" and the DVDs are already in replication.

    We expect to send out the DVDs to our distributers end of March.

    We also have a winner of our "Choir Lottery" contest.

    Piotr Musial wins a Vienna Choir Full Library package. 

    The library contains 31412 samples, and Piotr posted 31466 samples, so he was pretty close.



    Update - Now the first demos are available.

    Jay Bacal sent us this beautiful version of Frederick Delius "To be sung of a summer night on the water"

    which demonstrates the performance legato abilities of the Vienna Choir perfectly:

    Here are some additional tutorial demos showcasing special playing techniques of the Vienna Choir.

    First one a piece which is based exclusively on performance glissando articulations

    Vienna Choir - Glissandi.mp3">Vienna Choir - Glissandi.mp3

    The next piece is done exclusively with dynamic samples: crescendi, diminuendi, sfz

    Vienna Choir - Dynamics.mp3">Vienna Choir - Dynamics.mp3

    The following piece is based on performance trills, with these articulation you can go far beyond what a choir usually could perform

    Vienna Choir - Trills.mp3">Vienna Choir - Trills.mp3">

    Now we are going in a scary direction, you will hear our "creepy" articulations:

    Vienna Choir - Creepy.mp3">Vienna Choir - Creepy.mp3

    And a last one for the moment, a crazy piece demonstrating cluster and soprano glissandi at the end

    Vienna Choir - Cluster.mp3">Vienna Choir - Cluster.mp3

  • Wonderful news Herb.  Congratulations on what I am sure will be a wonderful release for you guys.   All the best luck and fortunes on this one.


  • Congratulations Piotr!

  • OMG, I can't believe it!!!


    This is a wonderful surprise, guys, especially now, that I'm on a very low budget. (Still haven't gotten a real break in...)

    I've been a user of Soprano Choirs, and I really love it!

    Thank you! You're simply awesome! [:D][:D][:D]

    (omg again!)

    - Piotr

  •  I've added some demolinks in my first post of this topic



  • hats off to VSL! The long awaited debut...finally! What an achievement. Here's to tremendous success!

    I am not 100% convinced on the tone just yet but the dynamic demo blew me away! I think it's worth it just for that.

  • Are you thinking to add a Word Builder soon ?



    P.S. I will be interested to have the midi file of "To be sung of a summer night on the water" to make a version with QLSC end with the Choir of Logic

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  • By the way, about the introductory offer: for the free extended library does a user have to have the 10 libraries contained in the cube, or does the offer also apply to users who have 10 DVD standard libraries which may not all be included in the symphonic cube?

  • Speaking as someone who owns around 15 of the full DVD collections, all with Extended libraries plus a few Download Instruments and the original Full Special Edition, but not quite all of the 10 in the Cube I'd like to second Jann's question... I've actually spent considerably more money than someone who just has the Cube, it's just that my priorities are slightly different.

    On the other hand I do appreciate how difficult it is for VSL to come up with an offer that's fair to users AND logistically workable for the company, which is why I'm not chucking my toys out of the pram. If something can be done for people in our position then that'd be great, that's all.


    Mac Mini M2 16Gb RAM 500Gb int. SSD 2Tb ext. SSD Pro Tools/Mixbus An awful lot of VI and Synchron-ised libraries, amongst others. VSL user since 2003.
  • Wow!

    Especially the dynamics demo impressed me deeply, I can't await hearing more demos!

    Great job!


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    @nick.halliwell said:

    On the other hand I do appreciate how difficult it is for VSL to come up with an offer that's fair to users AND logistically workable for the company, which is why I'm not chucking my toys out of the pram.

     Well, here`s a crazy thought...what about just giving 50% off the extended edition for EVERYONE?

    You know, like a proper introductory offer...that doesnt require the user to spend money on additional libs to meet the sales criteria...

    Wacky concept , huh? 😊

    Anyway, grats on the release...looking forward to hearin` some more demos and stuff 😊

  • Great! Super! Fantastic! - but when are we going to be able to buy it - all my "buy now" options are greyed out!

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    @DaveTubaKing said:

    Great! Super! Fantastic! - but when are we going to be able to buy it - all my "buy now" options are greyed out!

    Thanks Dave!

    "Buy Button" will be active next Monday (maybe yet on Sunday).



  • Congrats for this long announced release !

    Well, I guess I'm a bit tempted by this baby, even if, so far, the demos are not telling the whole story IMO, and my budget is not at its best...

    One question then, because as both a soprano choir and SE/SE+ registered user, I'm a bit confused with the special offer terms :

    - I indeed saw in the order page that the discount calculator acknowledges that I'm a soprano choir registered user, since I'm not asked the full price.

    - but does the choir extended library special offer for the SE/SE+ registered users combine with the soprano choir owner discount ?

    If so, this would make it even more tempting, and realistic for an immediate purchase.

    But I'm not sure about that....[:P]

  • Congradulations VSL on the arrival of your new product!

    In the Vienna Choir product page, when I put my mouse cursor on the DVD cover, "Vienna Choir I" appears in the temporary dialogue box.  This leads me to ask, is there a "Vienna Choir II" in the works?  Maybe?   

  • The Sample Content list is a little confusing.... It seems to be saying that the Standard Edition consists of all articulations, but only the "AH" vocalizations.... and the Extended Library is all that exact same stuff except for with the "U" (Ooooh) Vocalizations.. Is that correct? Because if so, that kinda sucks. Please tell me i am mis-reading that.

  • Also, the Requirements page lists OS requirements (for mac) as Mac OSX 10.5 or higher.. why on earth would that be? I mean, isnt it just, to simplify it, the same as any other VSL sample set i would buy and it just "plugs in" the new samples? Or is the interface entirely different (such as the Imperial was)

    I dont get why a higher OS is neccesary

  • It would be good to hear some more examples of the choir in further compositions - preferably before the offer period ends. Having recorded with top quality choirs in an orchestral and soundtrack environment on numerous occasions I am interested in this latest offering.

    I have the VSL Soprano instrument, generally very good but I have a problem with the tuning of the legato patches, and the East West Symphonic Choirs not too bad either but never got to grips with word builder which means most of the samples aren't brought into play. As a side note there are some really good performances within the Spectrasonic's Symphony of Voices, unbelievably 13 years old but yet to be surpassed in certain aspects - maybe because it's an English choir, arguably the best in the world :) !, though perhaps not directly comparable to the latest virtual instruments.

    I must admit to a feeling of a certain synthetic/artificial characteristic to the demos so far. Is it that there is a uniformity that is often not so present in a real performance choir?, is it they are individuals brought together for a sampling session rather than a choir used to performing and rehearsing together? is it the acoustic they were recorded in? (I recently recorded a 60 strong choir in a dead studio and had to work really hard to bring the performance to life. Yet I recorded/sampled a couple of large world class choirs in two of London's most famous orchestral recording rooms and the sounds are just so expansive and "real" a trait I would love to be able to pick up in VSL's latest work.

    Most of the orchestral demos from VSL have blown me away in what has been achieved in sampling. I'm now hoping that there will be some recordings confirming the same has been achieved with the choral library!



  • I'm a little bit dissapointed of this new product.

    Ok, the sound ist amazing, very clear and detailed and I'm sure that legato, glissando is the best on the market. Never heard some subtle sounding A and U out of a sample lib and I hope further demos will show, that this choir can also be powerful and bright.

    But, it seems to me an unfinished product. Only A und U vowels? What about O, I and E or some often in choir music used consonants like Mmmh. Will all of them follow to 445,- EUR each? 

    Any children choirs planed? 

    And overall, a really realistic choir do sing words.Only a few vowels and consonants do limit the range of use. Keyword Wordbuilder or something similar.

    If vocals do sing words, independent of understanding them all, it brings some kind of special human feel to a production. It makes a great difference if a choir only sings Aah, independent of their great expression, or if the choir sings real words. But maybe, such type of realistic and usage area isn't the aim of VSL Choir.

    For one of the more expensive choir libs on the market, I had expected more vowels, consonants, features and a wider spectrum of usability. I was in hope, that VSL will bring out a better sounding and feature rich choir lib as EWQL SC is, to a competitive pricing. But it seems, that the VSL choir lib aims to a completely different range of use. Really nice for classical chorals without words, but thats all and it's too little for that price. 

    It's a shame, I don't see in VSL Choir a reason for replacement of EW Choir. 


  • After letting the choir demos simmer for a week or so and then hearing them again in a rested light, I must sadly agree with Markus's post above. Not the break through I was hoping for, and too expensive for what it is. I can purchase several of the top choirs on the market for the price of the VSL choir alone and have all my bases covered.