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  • Ensemble Pro Graphics CPU gobbler?

    Hi All,

    I was setting up a fairly large template today on a 8core 2.66Ghz / 16GB ram Mac Pro using VE Pro as the host and ran into an interesting discovery.

    Sitting idle the CPU usage in vienna is sitting at 40%.  Activity monitor shows 300% usage (out of 800% for 8cores I assume?).  Interestingly,  if I hide the VSL window in the dock... I gain almost a full core of CPU resources!   Does it take that much juice to manage graphics or am I running into something strange?



    The test machine is a non-nehelem 8core 2.66/17gb ram/500gb system/1TB Samples/ running VE Pro in standalone mode with an HDSPe pushing 24ch. ADAT @ 256samples/48k.  OSX 10.5.8/VEPro Latest/RME Latest/Kontakt 4 w mem server, omnisphere w mem server