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  • 550 Gb HD space for VSL Cube

    Hi VSL Team, Hi every body Do I need to prepare a min of really 550 Gb HD space for Symphonic Cube,or how is it? Thank you, Willy

  • Hello whlederman,

    548 GB is the uncompressed size of the Symphonic Cube. You will only need 2/3 of this space on your harddrive (around 370 GB), but it´s always good to leave some headroom on the drive, for the sake of performance.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you Paul, Is it best to put the Library in complete separate HDisc or just in different partition Please share your expirience Thank you

  • Partitioning won't help at all. I would recommend separate drives, but how many of them is up to you. Probably two is enough.


  • Thanks DG, i need to move the library then