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  • Will VEPro work on a PPC system that is already using ethernet for an Icon?

    A PTools user has a couple of questions for the developers please.........

    1. Will VEPro work on a PPC system that is already using ethernet for an Icon?

    2. Can a MacIntel laptop function as a slave?


  • I have it working on  Quad 2.5, DAE 8.0.1cs1. Does not work as well as I would like though. Tried using more of the RAM I have but it just does not like that. Currently only using one instance of Kontakt 4.05 with 300MB samples. Took me ages to get external MIDI working on that machine ( I want to trigger from my Logic machine and avoid making midi tracks in protools and record enabling them just to get midi into VEP).  Very unpredictable getting that to work.  I really don't know how I get external MIDI to work when it does.

    Hardware Overview:

      Model Name:    Power Mac G5 Quad
      Model Identifier:    PowerMac11,2
      Processor Name:    PowerPC G5 (1.1)
      Processor Speed:    2.5 GHz
      Number Of CPUs:    4
      L2 Cache (per CPU):    1 MB
      Memory:    8.5 GB
      Bus Speed:    1.25 GHz
      Boot ROM Version:    5.2.7f1

  • how do you get kontakt 4 working on ppc, it´s only intel - so far I know

    thanks in advance

  • I get limited results on a Quad 2.5 G5 OSX 10.5.8 running Protools 8.0.1cs1.

    Have to use Kontakt3.5 and use memory manager. Keep trying to push the envelope, but I think it's asking too much. (My old Giga 3.21 machine can do more with less, not sure why, well voices not memory ;) )

  • I use VEP on a Quad G5 PPC using 10.5.8, 8.5G RAM, Ptools 8.0.1, and have 2 firewire devices, but no ethernet Icon. Gigabit ethernet on the mac is pretty fast but not sure how much bandwidth is used for Icon. Check Menumeters or look at network activity using Activity Monitor.

    I have been using a 5 gig Kontakt 4.11 setup in VEP on a i7 macintel laptop slaved. OSX 10.6.4