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  • This is one Serious problem with Logic

    The blasting your ear drums out white noise that Logic has always done randomly has gotten far worse in Logic 9.  My head is exploding right now from being blasted while mixing with my headphones.  This is a very very serious problem with Logic and I STRONGLY urge you to be cautious about "using headphones" while using Logic.

    There is an enormous thread on Apples forums about this and apple themselves have even answered saying they are trying very very hard to pin point it but they haven't been able to find the cause.  My Macbook Pro which is 4 years old, is due for an upgrade eventually and I quite possibly will move over to Samplitude or Cubase.  Both of which will free me from the restrictions Apple likes to place on us.

    I will admit though, I love Logic.  It's really a shame they haven't been able to figure this out.  It's been happening since Logic 5.  But not this frequently.  And with all the users who are complaining about it, with various different hardware specs etc, it would be tough to say it's a hardware issue.  It literally could be an issue with core audio.

    Do any of you other OS X DAW users get this issue (Cubase etc)?  Am wondering if it is truly only Logic.  I can crossgrade to cubase or samplitude for about 300 dollars.  That's a huge savings compared to losing my hearing.

    Any rants or thoughts are appreciated and welcomed.


  • Hmm , I have logic 9.1. I've used logic for about 4 years and haven't had this problem for some time(years). Does the sound happen when there's only midi tracks (no audio) or does it happen whatever?

    I do find I have strange things happen when I play a logic 8 project on a logic 9 once I've upgraded. A bit annoying.

    I have a mac pro 8 core, original motu traveller..


  • It happens during live recording of audio, during sampling or just about anything you're doing.  What "seems" to be the one consistency is that it has something to do with a moment of "hesitation" from a hard drive.  This is an enormous issue and there are so many people who get it.  My friend was leading a recording session of a complete band two weeks ago and it blasted all 5 members in the ears with their head phones on.  All of them dam near punched themselves in the face ripping off the headphones as fast as they could.  He said the drummer got it the worst and threw his headphones against the wall in a panic reaction.

    It happened again to me last night.  I am getting pretty good at knowing when it's coming.  I do two things to prepare for this.

    1.  During the first intial playback of a newly loaded project, do not have your headphones on until you see it's going to "respond" and not hesitate and blow your brains out.  After it plays back just fine, you're more than likely ok to put your headphones on.

    2.  Give an additional few seconds after the project loads to let the background stuff finish also.  This should help reduce the amount of startup blow outs.

    3.  If at any time you start to see Logic "Hesitatin" or "Freezing" on you, get your headphones off immediately.  Then once it responds again, hit playback with your headphones OFF until you see it's going to behave correctly.

    It seems to be consistent, in the fact that it doesn't matter if it's a new project or an old Logic 8 project.  They both do the above.

    Apple has acknowledged this as a serious issue and has asked a few of us to do an extensive research with them to help them pin it down.  Rumors are 10.6.3 will fix this (but they are of course rumors since how can you promise a fix when you still haven't pin pointed the exact problem).


  • I have been using Logic for quite some time now and this has never ever happened. But now you made me nervous about it. Sounds absolutely terrifying, especially because I lay down drum tracks quite often. :) I do think that PT8 is superior for live track recording and I often record live tracks there then fly them into Logic. The wave editing in Logic is pretty poor and counter-intuitive compared to PT. But the sequencing in Logic is superior. Anyway, it could be a hard drive issue for you. I am using the GLYPH GT050Q and have had no problems. I am using a Mac Min with only 3G of RAM!!

  • No one is 100% sure what it is including apple.  it is a serious problem though and not anywhere near just for me.  Just this one link alone (which will take you to apple support forums) is a 12-13 page list of people having this issue (and this is just one of the many all over the internet).

    Hopefully they figure this out and fix it.  Because for me, it won't happen until the one time I am not paying attention and get comfortable.