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  • orchestral violins harmonics

    When I play the orchestral violins, the harmonics sustain and the harmonics staccato have white noise on the lowest Bb and A. Is this a glitch from my install, or is this a known issue with the recording?

  • I haven't checked it, but are you sure it's not bow noise?

  • odd. I listened to it, and definitely hear SOMEthing, but my guess is that it probably is just scratchy bow noise. It is slightly noticeable, though. Kind of a swooshy sound, and, peculiarly, seems isolated mostly in the right channel. I also hear it on the lowest C a little bit. But, to me, it just adds an airyness which would get covered up with any verb and inside a mix. But yeah, if you solo it, its kind of there....

    Bow noise is my guess :)

  • hmm maybe something is seriously wrong with my install then, because its definitely not bow noise over here and its just on those two notes. It sounds like a police radio...i'd record this and post it, but this forum doesn't have that feature?

  • weird. this issue has now resolved itself... This makes no sense, because if it was my soundcard, it would be apparent on all voices, not just the bflat and A.