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  • No sound from SE Orchestral cello

    Hi there. Using Sonar 8.5.2 with VSL SE. I have recorded a cello part that uses the orchestral patch with no problems. The part plays well. However I now need to edit the parts. The problem is that my playing is producing no sound. The keyboard is working as the Sonar midi track has lights indicating that the input is being recognized. Also on the VSL palyer some kid of input is being recognized as the inner circle of lights on the player lights up. However it seems that for there to be an audible output the outer circle needs to light up. This is not happening and I cannot hear what I am playing. Can anyone help?

  • silly question - have you loaded the corresponding patch/matrix/preset resp. does it load?

    maybe the location for your content files has been moved and the references need to be updated in the directory manager.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Just a shot in the dark here but by any chance is the Velocity Crossfade or Expression fader turned on and is/are the fader(s) all the way in the down position?