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  • No Trills in Horn Ensemble


    My Horn Ensemble download instrument contains no trill patches, while its sample content page says it should.

    The trills are mentioned in the manual just like on the sample content page of the product, but the same manual omits any mentioning of these patches below in the detailed explanation of every single patch included in the instrument. The full matrix contains no trills either both in the manual and in the program, while the typical key switch zones (F1) normally used for trills remain empty.

    I am puzzled.

  •  There must be some kind of mistake. Only Epic horns have trills.

  • It is definitely a mistake on VSL's part.  I ran into the same thing myself. I own all but a couple of the download instruments and I ran into that myself when I did a few mockups and didn't have matching trills for all the instruments I was using even though it says clearly that it comes with my purchase.


  • Hi,

    my apologies! It's true that this was a mistake in the manual as well as on the horn ensemble's sample content page; the age of copy&paste can be wearisome at times. I've corrected the entries, but I wish there were indeed trills in the package ... Hope this won't happen again.

    Kind regards,

    David Ender / VSL manuals

  • Hi, David.

    Thank you for the reply and apology.