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  • Certified Workstations & Digital Audio Networks - Where are they gone???

    Grützi everybody,

    is there anything wrong with the performance of the certified Systems from da-x Berlin? Negative Feedbacks from Customers? I ask because this firm was listed together with XI-Machines. But now you took them out of the List. Why? An open word would be helpful.

    Greeting Lars

  • da-x decided to send out a press release and published text on their website which has not been agreed in advance by VSL as well as contained information suitable for incorrect assumptions what we cannot consider to be a *cooperation*.

    after wasting too much time with a plethora of long emails unfortunately lacking in substance we decided to postpone further steps until we have seen such a machine and the test results with our own eyes.


    since every somehow modern computer should be capable of running Vienna Ensemble PRO and Vienna Suite we are focussing on Vienna MIR for decorating computers as VSL Certified Workstations.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.