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  • Melodyne and Vienna Instruments

    Hello everybody,


    with this post I want to invite erverybody to help me to find an way for a more flexible, preciser & tighter sound of the Vienna Instruments.


    What the Vienna Instruments offer is as good as it can be. Nobody can await to get a real Instrument with all forms of short staccatos, all forms of vibrato etc.


    But I own a lot of Download-instruments since the beginning 2010 and don't want to Upgrade to the packages cause I don' t need all the instruments. And even if I would go to the packages I wouldn’t get all the articulations I need (example: Basset Horn and Contrabass Clarinet - no Vibrati).

    Exept of this I always have to use  pfp Times, repititions etc. the Instrument offers without any possibilities of stretching algorithms for variation. Sometimes (the trumpet Bb is an good example for it) the repititions are not in time as they should be when you play down (or up) the Keys.

    Let me come to the POINT:

    "I’m searching for a way to get the absolute Control over the Sample-Contend."


    I think Melodyne Studio is the answer?!?!

    I don’t have it, but I read it can create Vibratos, make a short Staccato as short (or long) as you want it … I think you know what I want to say …


    So -  who made experiences with “Postproduction of the Vienna Instruments” in Melodyne? How does the artificial Vibrato sound? How does it sound, when you manipulate the length/ Tone-Hight of a real Instrument?


    The other problem is: I am a candidate for Vienna MIR Pro. So there is an important question to the MIR creators.


    Example: I play and record Vienna Instruments in Logic. After that I send The single Tracks (SPUREN) as audio-files to Melodyne to manipulate the sound of eache Instrument the way I want it to sound.

    AND NOW::: Is it possible to create an Instrument ICON in MIR PRO of every single Track, so that I can mix them inside MIR PRO and record all that in Logic again??? I hope, hope, hope … that must be possible, cause if this was not possible MIR PRO has no function for me and the way I plan to work.


    I wonder if I am the first who writes this idea with Melodyne. I can't imagine the after a week I am the first who looks for a way to get more control.


    So what do you think? I also ask the Vienna Creators. Is this plan “der Griff ins Klo” (think: that I didn’t use Melodyne yet). Are there better possibilities? Please help me to find a way, the sound is very nice, but I’m not happy with my possibilities as they are now!!!



  • Your plan looks like a lot of work if I think of an orchestral arrangement.  Maybe it will work only if you have few spots were you work on. Otherwise it might take ages to finish anything. regarding your 2nd question: You can bring back audiofiles into MIR using a sampler like kontakt. It works nicely.

  • 1.) I know that you can use a Sampler to bring sounds on the MIR stage. But can I also bring all the single Tracks of a Sequenzer like Melodyne in connection with MIR (PRO), so that I can press the PLAY-Button in Melodyne & the sound (of each Track in Melodyne) runs straight through a MIR ICON (which is on it's position on the stage). On the other side of the system waits Logic 9 to (Multitrack)record this Mega-Sound made with Melodyne & MIR (PRO). Will this be possible? Or is this with the little MIR possible.

    (Kleine Anmerkung: Falls Ihr mein Englisch nicht verstehen solltet, sagt bitte Bescheid, dann schreib ich's auf Deutsch :-D)

    2.) Of course I don't want to put everything in Melodyne. Just Brass-groups und Wood-groups which need Manipulations. If you look at the trombones (alt, bass, contrabass) the time-lenght of (for example) pfp-articulations is not semilar for Downloaders like me. So Melodyne is the only way to Layer the Brasses in time (like you hear it in Matrix-Soundtrack always). Can you stretch these sounds at 8 Seconds or higher? No even not with the packages. So - yes U R right ... this workaround with Melodyne doesn't make fun. It's fuc**ng technical under the fingers. But in the end - there is no other way! Is it??? If yes HOW???

    Greetings Lars

  • Dear Community,

    the Special-Edition Buyers/ Upgrade Dilemmas of this World are interesting ...

    ... but ... ESPECIALLY for those who are working only with Basic Articulations, A REAL "SOLUTION" IN FORM OF A WORKAROUND could be so much more interesting.

    So - Any thoughts to it? Dietz - Beat - Paul - Happy Users - Dilemma Users :-D ... ... ...

    Greetings Lars

  • Re: Melodyne - As an avid user of Melodyne Studio since its first appearance on the market I have to say that as much as I love and adore it's abilities with monophonic signals, as little I see its magic happen with ensembles playing unisono - so take care.

    Re: MIR - Vienna MIR was not built to be used with audio tracks routed into the program. You're right that this ability is planned for MIR Pro.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi Dietz,

    thanx for your Tipps. 

    I have another question "sandwiching" MIR PRO between 2 Sequencers -  refering to the latest MIR Video.

    In the Video comes a part when Paul plugs Stylus RMX inside MIR. The ICON on the stage is grey and the Icon-Picture is somekind of undefined - what makes sense - because MIR can't know every external Plug In.

    If you look at Logic Pro there it is possible to give a picture-Icon to each track and to colour a track of f. example a Brass-group in Yellow. I would like that in MIR PRO too. Because if you play 30 Tracks out of a DAW through 30 MIR ICONS on the Stage to mix the Tracks Live and everything looks grey - that would damage your Workflow.

    So -  will there be possibilities to colour the Stage Icons and to put Pictures on them?

    Greetings Lars

  • Hi Lars,

    Pictures won't happen, that's for sure (concept- as well as style-wise ;-) ...), but we were discussing user-selectable colours within the developer team already. No schedule for an implementation, though.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library