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  • convolution reverb in SE

    I've just recently installed the Special Edition, but I also installed the VSL demo I picked up at NAMM. I came across a simple Convolution Reverb, which sounds really great and I was wondering, is this a teaser that's part of the demo, or is this part of SE?

  • Unless something has changed recently, none of VSL's libraries come with a built in reverb.  You by any chance didn't pick up a demo for the Vienna Suite which does have a converb? 

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    Dear John Sherry,

    thank you for your nice words 😊

    I assume that you installed the "Vienna Suite Software" from our new Demo DVD? The Demo DVD comes with a demo license that allows you to test the original software on this DVD for a limited time.

    Please find more information about Vienna Suite here.

    Kind regards,


  • to be more precisely: the DEMO DVD 2010 is intended to be used with any ViennaKey which has a demo mode #1 license for 180 starts of all vienna applications - with this license you can try MIR, VE PRO, Vienna Suite or the epic orchestra which is also on the demo DVD.

    the DVD as such does not come with any license, but feel free to request a demo license (either online on the respective product page) or write to VSL Support


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.