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  • [announcement] Vienna Ensemble Pro 4.0.4834 (Public Beta)

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    Hi everybody.

    A new public beta is now available in the user area. It fixes a critical bug which caused a crash when trying to load Vienna Instrument matrices (introduced in the last public beta). Also it adds proper synchronization for 3rd party plugins like Stylus RMX.

    Keep in mind that this is a beta release, so it could still contain some bugs.

    Here is a more detailed changelog for this beta release (will also be available soon in the user area):

    • 3rd party plugins in VE PRO will now sync fully with the connected host
    • VE PRO Server now shows currently loaded metaframe filename in title
    • WIN: VE PRO standalone/server now requires a SSE2 capable CPU. Intel Pentium 4 or later, or AMD model with support for the SSE2 instruction set required.
    • Fixed bug which caused loading Vienna Instruments matrices to crash
    • Changed maximum amount of connected VE PRO instances to 128
    • Fixed redraw bug when docking mixer to VE PRO instance

  • Thanks Karel,

    I'll give it a try and verify it fixed the matrix read issues and the Pro-Tools exit issue.  Thanks again.

  • Karel,

    Still an issue with loading old patches.  The patch now loads and plays correctly but the patch name is not displayed.  If a matrix (on the front end of the interface) is loaded and you double click on another matrix to load, the matrix name does not change to the newly loaded matrix.  The previously loaded matrix remains displayed.

  • Update.....

    Ok, I'm not loosing it -- I thought for a minute I was seeing things.  Sometimes it works and then sometimes it doesn't.  I've been switching between many of my custom matrix and some will cause a name change other will leave the previous name but still load the correct patch content.......

    Didn't want you to try it on one or two and assume that I was crazy...  Try it on a few to see if you can replicate.  I'm not having any problem on this end making it happen when trying to load my old matrixes.  If I re-save the matrix, then it works ok repeatably. 

    I should also mention that this is only being seen when using the 64-bit server - not the 32-bit.

  • When exiting Pro-Tools, the VE-PRO interface still does not release.  The only way to get out of Pro-Tools is to force a disconnect.  Then when you try to exit VE-PRO, it won't let you because there still are connections.  Exiting out of Cubase 5 and Logic 9 appears to be working fine.  Just Pro-Tools (latest version) has the issue.

    Maya is aware of this issue from a previous post I made a couple of days ago......  Ticket 51236_i8s96add

  • Ok, thanks for the input. Will look into this.

  • Currently I am not able to download the update. I am getting a 'file not available' message.


  • Works here. Perhaps a temporary problem or bad routing?

  • Possibly. I just tried it again and it seems to be downloading.



  • Switch back to 4780, in the new beta i cant change the multiprocessing value.

  • In the version 4834 is not possible to access to the additional parameters in Kontakt 3.5/4 if instanciated in VePro.

    (For e.g. EQ parameters in Lass and other staff in SAM Brass etc...)

    In version 4780 all fine.


  • Hi Anton, What OS are you using?

  • Hi Karel, Os x 10.6.2-Mac Pro Nehalem.

  • Hi Karel, Any chance this beta helps with the midi intensive LA Scoring Strings legato patches? They still choked as of the last beta. Thanks Mark

  • Still no sound with linuxsampler AU 64bit. To bad it's the only 64 bit gigaplayer around right now.

  • Inserting a large number of AUs leads to a significant slower gui. At some point the scrollbars were barly moving.

  • Hi,

    anyone experience with Midi sync with VE Pro 4834 as stand alone on a Slave PC.

    Kontakt 4 does not sync to incoming Midi Clock. I´m using MidiOverLan.



  • At this point, VE Pro will not sync with a MIDI clock. It is advised to use the VE Pro server, which will sync with the master host.

  • Hi Karel,

    I'm not sure what you mean by this. Can you explain a bit more?


  • Well, rather than just sending MIDI to the standalone version, you should use the server version and connect to it from another host (Cubase, Logic, ...) using the supplied VE Pro Server Interface plugin. This way the VE Pro server will sync to that host. Sending a clock signal over MIDI is currently unsupported (but is noted as future addition).