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  • Vienna Ensemble Pro Configuration (REALLY CONFUSED)

    Do I need a Vienna key for every computer running Vienna Ensemble Pro? I have a Mac Pro main DAW with 3 Mac G5 slaves. Do I need a key for each  computer in my studio? It appears that I do. When I launch VE Pro on a machine without a key, it won't start up.

    Do I need to purchase 4 instances of Vienna Ensemble Pro with 4 Vienna keys?


    Rik Pfenninger

  • You need a key for every machine that you want to run VE Pro on. However, if you don't intend to load any samples on your DAW, you don't need a key for that.

    Each VE Pro is in fact 3 licences.


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    @rkip said:

    I believe that I currently own 3 instances of VE Pro. So is that 9 licenses? Could you check on that for me? Do I just need to purchase another key? I want to also load samples on my main DAW.





    Rik, you purchased Vienna Ensemble 3 2008-05-19 and received 3 licenses (from which all reside on a key btw).

    after release of VE PRO all former VE 3 licenses have been transformed into VE PRO licenses




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