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  • How do I set up a network system between a mac running Leopard and a pc running Windows 7?

    How do I set up a network system between a mac running Leopard and a pc running Windows 7? I have both computers directly connected, without a switch, using a cross link Lan cable. First started the VE Pro server apps on all computers, though the server interface only sees the slaves on the local machine. I was hoping someone could guide me in the right direction as the manual doesn't have any info on setting up a network system.

  • ahead just a note: you no longer need special cables for connectomg 2 computers trouh gigabit network interfaces - they are auto-detecting, just make the cable longer than 1 mt, better 1.5 mt for correct signalling.


    macPro has 2 network interfaces and i'm assuming now 1 is used for internet access - find in network preferences which IP address is used to avoid network range collision ... say has been assigned thruogh DHCP ...


    now your second interface (the one the cable to your PC is connected to) has to get an IP address in a different range, say with network mask, no gateway/router, no DNS server entries.

    the interface on your PC (other end of the cable) should get network mask, no gateway, no DNS server ... you may want to turn the firewall off for the moment to avoid initial hassle ... the default security level is very high and might trouble you at first.


    i'd recommend to have both computers workgroup named identically and keep username/password in sync, maybe add some share on the windows computer for copying data ...

    VE PRO connecting dialog on your macPro should now see the W7 slave (given the VEPRO server there has been launched) and even if not you could manually connect to the now known IP address


    hth, christian


    ps: theory says that zero config (on W7 called home network) should doo all this by itself, but in reality it doesn't work too well between different operating systems ....

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.