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  • Music from short film


    Here's the first cue from a short film I did with VSL and SI.  Hope you enjoy!

  •   Very cool. What voices are you using ?They sound really good.Also ,are you using Vienna Suite ? I like the mix. Good job


  • Thanks for listening, John.  The voices are my own.  I wish I had the Vienna Suite, but just used whatever came with Digital Performer, with the exception of the reverb, which was Altiverb.  The strings are both VSL SE layered with Sonic Implants.

  • Very nice, well done ;-) !

  • Hi, here is one cue from film Babicka, aneb jak to bylo doopravdy (CZ), I did it with Sibelius and Kontakt player but i want to make it on your Vienna, but problem is in money :( I hope, that you enjoy it.

  • I appreciate the bump, but can't you start your own thread?   Nice piece by the way.  If you didn't use Vienna, what did you use?

  • Very nice piece indeed. I think the voice parts really add to the atmosphere you have created with it.

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