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  • Composing using piano roll/score

    I'm a new Logic Pro and VSL user and I'm looking for some tips regarding composition using just the piano roll and the score window. I'm trying the Pete Thomas' combo remapper macro for keyswitch articulation, but I'd like to know if someone of you has some alternate system to go through the composition and performance process without playing all those articulations with the Midi keyboard. I read that Jay Bacal did his unbelievable version of Stravinsky's Rites Of Spring without touching his keyboard at all.

  • Well, I like to use the speed controlled preset.  VI will switch to whatever articulation the piece needs based on the tempo of the piece (see the VI speed control demo video)  Use it, but don't abuse it.  Speed control only utilizes two or three articulations depending on which collection you are using.  Of course, you can customize the preset by adding more artics or adjusting the speed parameters.  I generally start with a speed matrix and another matrix containing the artics that the speed matrix doesn't have and I switch back and forth. If you have a collection that doesn't have a speed controlled matrix you could always build your own. 

  • Thans for yur answer Jasen. Actually I was looking for solution to work just inside Logic Pro piano roll. One thing I don't understand is the reason why drawing manually the notes to trigger keyswitch articulation doesn't work.

  • Probably because you have the wrong setting in Logic.  By default Logic is setup to use C3 for middle C (yamaha).  You need to go into the global preferences and change it to C4 (Roland).


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