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  • Epic Orchestra in Universal Mode

    Hello i am a new user of Vienna Instruments. (My vienna Key is not came yet).

    But I have a question: Can I use the Epic Orchestra instruments in Universal Mode? or i need mor articulations for this?, because the articulations of instruments of Epic Orchesta are a little limited.

    Thanks for help me and sorry my english

    Best Regards


  • Universal mode presets are not available for Epic Orchestra, but you can of course create your own matrices or presets out of the patches you need.


  • Thanks, but i have a quiestion:

    If I create my own patches and matrix, can the software automatically  detect this samples and use the corresponding sample in one midi channel o real time like in the video of universal mode? or this feature is only for universal mode, like repetitions, etc?

    Thanks, and sorry my bad english

    Best regards,


  • Hello Pablo,

    the software works exactly like you see it in the Video Tutorials, no matter which collection you are using.

    Concerning "automatic detection": You still need to decide whether you want to play a staccato or sustain next - just to avoid confusion.

    But you can set up some automation like "Speed Control" that will switch between articulations for you - the way you set these controllers.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank You very much Paul for the answer.

    Sorry my English and best regards from Chile.


  • Paul (or anyone else), I just bought VE Pro and opened it up. Opened the server and tried to load an Epic Orchestra preset. I can't seem to find the Epic Orchestra PRESETS to put into the Directory Manager folder. In the EO manual it says you can drag the matrix/presets in to the folder. How can I do this? Al

  • First you have to open the "directory manager" software and drag you Epic Orchestra folder there.

  • Thanks Michael, It's showing up in the "Directory manager" now. Is there anything I have to put in the VSL Custom Data folder?

  • Hi Al,

    the Custom Data Folder will contain your own matrices and presets - it is empty and you don´t need to fill it, but you can [:)]



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul, As you can tell I'm new to Vienna Ensemble. Al

  • Don´t worry Al,

    you´ll learn quickly [:)]



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL