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  • Note & Octave Number assumed by Vienna Instruments

     I have the Konzerthaus Organ and am setting it up to be played by midi keyboard controllers. One is an Evolution 49 and the other an Axiom 49 (both now from M-Audio). The Evolution refers to Middle C as C4, the Axiom refers to it as C3. I am aware of the lack of standards for octave numbering. However Konzerthaus utilises note and octave numbers for control of matrices. Could somebody please advise as to what octave numbering middle C is, when notes are referred to by Vienna Instruments?

    In other words when Konzerthaus Organ suggests horizontal changes starting at C1, is this note 24 or note 36? 

    Thank you.


  • Hello Keith,

    middle C=C4 with all Vienna Instruments Collections!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you Paul.