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  • New Cue, New Setup, New VSL Strings

    I've just started working on a film using my most recent setup/mix and now VSL appasionata strings.  I like them, overall.

    This is a short excerpt from a cue I'm working on.

    Feedback always welcome.

    [url=]Capital City[/url]


  • Hi Mike,

    Very enjoyable!  Only the strings VSL?

    Do I detect some Holst? ;)

  • That sounds excellent - very good orchestration and sound overall.

  • No, not purely VSL, but they're in there.

    And thanks, William!


  • Nice sound Mike. Don't like that type of music (heard it way too many times) and John Williams orchestration once again. Thanks for sharing.

  • I heard some Holst influence, so if John Williams can use that influence so can Mike I guess.

  • Very Nice. The melodic aspect makes me think of John Adams Harmoniere(incorrect spelling)

  • Very nice big lush sound, and a very enjoyable cue.

  • Hi Mike,

    great stuff! I really enjoyed listening to this.

    Thanks for posting this music!



  • Hi Mike,

    Typically high quality - all the way around.  Can you share with us your Strings Staccs patches used (or combinations).   Did you use the rep patches (which ones) - Orch or AP strings.  Very convincing and well mixed in context (when I use this device - I tend to bring them out too much - yours are just perfectly balanced.)

    Thanks in advance for your reply

  • Fantastic work, Mike!

    While we are here, in a VI forum, it would be great to know witch are the others library you used in the piece.

    Thumbs up!


  • Hi Rob, Ben -

    Thanks for the comments.  My staccato strings are a combination/layers of VSL appasionata, and these staccato strings I found on ProjectSAM Symphobia.  In general, I find the Symphobia-type "prebuilt" stuff utterly useless, and in this case, virtually all of the samples on there have very limited usefulness, but there was a single patch in there that had a quality I liked.  It seems to round things out a bit.

    My orchestra is a really eclectic mix of libraries and patches, nearly all custom.  Like, every patch I use has Modwheel control over volume/dynamics, and usually within that it's a custrom velocity curve to match my playing style.  But also, I've gone in in some cases and retuned samples, that sort of thing.  But it's ProjectSAM Brass, plus some SonicImplants Brass, plus some VSL Brass, and pretty much the same story throughout each section, with a bunch of London Orchestral Percussion in there, too, and the True Strike stuff, of course.  I've honestly built and rebuilt and tweaked it so much, I couldn't off the top of my head tell you what exactly I use without looking, but I have 5 Gigastudio PC's absolutely running to the hilt, plus 3 instances of Kontakt and Vienna Ensemble running on my host Mac.  I do all my composition and recording inside of Pro Tools 8, so I can feed all the gigastudio stuff in digtially, optically, at 48kHz.  There is no analog in my chain.  So it's nice for instant bouncing and mixing on the fly as well.  Oh, also I have 6 instances of Altiverb running, a couple of Focusrite EQ plug-ins, and a Masterx3 plug-in on the whole mix.  Also, each instrument has EQ on it back at the Gigastudio level. 

    There's just a ton of bullshit to go through to make these things sound passable.

    By the way, the cue has changed starting about mid-way through.  The film I'm doing is in Japanese, and I didn't understand fully what they were saying.  Upon discussing the drama with the director, I had to make some adjustments, and prolong the cue throughout the scene. 

    [url=]Captial City v2[/url]


  • Thanks Mike.  I feel the same way - generally - about Symphobia BUT what 'stacc' patch did you use (I can't find any that do it for me on this sort of thing) - but maybe I missed that ONE. :)

    Thanks again.


  • Very good sound and very well done. I agree that the music is so highly derivative that I really would like to hear the original voice of this talented musician.

  • [url=]Another thing...[/url]


  • Hi Mike,

    great stuff!! Love it!

    Can you give us some more details about this?



  • ,,,sure! Such as?


  • Yeah - nice sort of sound - but - John Williams again. Thanks for sharing - and watch that trumpet sound.

  • Yes, that's my sound :)  Surely you've noticed by now, inasmuch as you've pasted that comment into every thread I've ever started :)

    What do you mean, watch the trumpet? In what way?


  • Hi Mike,

    Thank you  for answering my post.  I am mainly interested in what sample libraries you are using for the music.

    Thanks if you can let me know. Also, about 5.03, there are some very effective string arpeggio figures, that have a nice firm sound on the accented parts of the arpeggios. I am wondering what string articulation you are using here. Thanks for any info you can give on this.


    Steve :-)