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  • Percussion - Timpani 1 and 2


    I was wondering if anyone with the full Percussion DVD could comment about Timpani 1 and Timpani 2.  is there a significant difference?  If so, what?  Could anyone post a short example?  I'm in the market for a new Timpani and the SE Timpani isn't quite doing it for me.  I've also tried the Sonic Implants Timpani and that doesn't have quite the right sound I'm looking for either.

  • Anyone have any comments?  Is the percussion package worth saving for, or is True Strike a better option?

  • Timpani II (meaning the extended library, right?) is worth it.  Besides the many different articulations, the "medium" patches are great for integrating into the orchestra. Here's an example using Timp. II: 

    Beethoven Symphony No. 1

  • To avoid any confusion: There are two different Timpanis available, called A and B. A offers both Standard and Extended content; soundwise it adheres to the classical ideal. Timpani A is also featured within the "Processed Percussions"-set. Timpani B has a "modern", brighter sound, played with a selection of different mallets; it is only available with the Extended Library.

    -> [URL][/URL]


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thank you for the clarification, Dietz.  I did mean Timpani A and B.

    Great sounding realization, Paul!  Thanks for posting it!