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  • New Film Music

    Here are some clips from the score of a movie I worked on:





    Thanks for listening.



  • Tanuj,

    For me the thing that really stands out in these cues is the percussion.  The percussion is very skillfully performed.  Do you mind if I ask how you approach the percussion parts in your pieces.

  • All four tracks sound great!  The balance, the varied textures, and the programming definitely show your talent.  Very impressive work.

  • This sounds really wonderful, I love it!

    Great dynamics!


  •  Say Tanuj,

    Thank you for this very insightful information.  I'm a fan of Williams myself.  Oddly enough, my favourite Williams piece is the "1941 March" which really isn't that well known because the movie, 1941, is considered Stephen Spielberg's biggest flop.  In reality, the film made a profit it just didn't turn to gold like everything else Spielberg touched.

    Anyway, I'm going to print out your response to my question and file it away.  Many thanks

  • Great job! Its alive and i'd reckon it would work very well in a movie.

    I really like the percussion on #2. 

    What percussion samples are those?

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