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  • Better Strings for VI SE??!!

    So, I just bought the Vienna Instruments special edition, thought it was a good deal because the website demo video uses all different playing techniques etc. Anyway, after trying out some things I noticed that the patches for all instruments (especially stings) are SO limited. You can't even create a simple crescendo or decrescendo - sorry, the strings just sound really disappointing! So, what I do I need to buy in order to get ALL the patches?? like in the video shown here ?? Are the separate string compatible with the Special Edition at all?? HELP!

  •  Why not use Velocity xFade for cresc and dim? And read the manual and watch the tutorials while you're at it. [;)]


  • Yeah, there's a lot of flexibility built into the SE -- but you need to use crossfading and an expression pedal. Tutorial vids are extremely valuable and share all the secrets.  


  • You would have to buy the DVD collection of (perhaps) the Appassionata I strings or the Orchestral I+II strings to get all that's available.