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  • It'd be great if you could have a listen

    Two "cues" - obviously John Williams inspired

    If you have a minute or two, have a listen and let me know what you think!

    PS yes I am a massive Starwars geek!

  • Hey Steve,

    i have just listen to your tracksKyber Crystal is my favourite ones... you are creating such an intense and suspense that is great!:) Very moving and great sounding Orchester setup. What are the instruments and effects your work with?

    Could you have a listen also to one of my songs? You can have alisten at

    Choose the track called "irish heart" sorry for the bad soundqulity, it is becaus of kind that myspace compress the mp3...

    all the best chris:D

  • The beginning of Crystal sounds like Gustav Holst could have composed the last Planet "Pluto" for his Suite "The Planets".

    The orchestral environment is very good, how did you make it? I myself have problems to let the violins sound so natural as they are within a real orchestra.

    "Cue" is in its shortness a fine interlude from an imaginative film. Do you have your own homepage where you post your music?

    Both pieces i like very much


  • Markus, Christian

    Thanks for your positive comments

    In answer to both your enquiries as to my setup: It's all in Sibelius using SE and SE + and Appassionata with the odd extra download (cornet, trumpet in Bb) and using Altiverb for basic room reverb and Vienna suite for a little extra tail and eq

    Glad you like the sound - I've been trying to get it to sound natural for a while and although nowhere near perfect yet, I am now reasonably happy and able to write without too much attention to "the template"  


  •  I don't kow about Star Wars, I'd say the first part of the Krystal piece reminded me more of the ark theme in Raiders of the Lost Ark,  I'm surprised that you did this with Special Edition.  Good job all around with the mix and everything else.

  • The last que reminds me more of Jaws.  You're right though Williams influenced.   

  •  Very nice work on all. Also have to say Crystal is my favorite. Keep up the good work. Best, Joseph

  • Thanks for your positive comments guys - I'll post some of my more "serious" music at some point.


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