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  • Vienna Instruments Plugin in Pro Tools LE 7.0

    Forgive me for my probably newbish questions. But neither I nor the people I have volunteered to do this for are familiar with this kind of thing. Anyway. I've just installed Vienna Instruments 1.10 onto a Mac (10.4.11, Intel Processor). Because the computer's ethernet port is not working, I skipped over the key registration bit (Syncrosoft License Control) and installed the software and one of three libraries anyway. After restarting the computer the standalone version opened and ran without a problem. However I want to run this as a plugin in Pro Tools LE 7.0. Yet when I look to insert VSL as a plugin it's not an option. How do I get this to run as a plugin in Pro Tools? Is this not working because of the key registration bits that were skipped? I want to record the MIDI in Pro Tools route that as input to VSL and route VSL's audio output back into Pro Tools to record the waveform. I've even looked into the folders /Library/Application Support/can't remember the rest and found what looked like the right files in the right places "viennainstruments.component" but I'm just stuck and lost. I've been at this for hours. Any help you could lend is obviously greatly appreciated. Thanks and all the best!

  •  if i remember correctly you need at least PT LE 7.3.1 for using VI/VE with RTAS ...


    since it appears you have a vienna key you can continue working for a while, but sooner or later you will run out of demo starts.

    you can register your products and download the licenses to your Vienna Key on any computer with internet access and LCC installed.



    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • I've a feeling Christian's right about needing PT7.3. Basically the RTAS plug-in is installed in the usual PT "plug-ins" folder so that's the place to look. Another thing that sometimes catches people out is that you need to insert the VI RTAS plug-in on a STEREO track (preferably an Instrument track in recent versions of PT, or else I seem to remember it also works on a stereo Aux Input). If you create a mono Instrument track or Aux Input then the VI plug-in won't appear as an option because there's no mono version of it. In other words all of the VIs are stereo-only.

    You shouldn't then need to be routing audio around. You can simply use the VI (or VE) as a normal virtual instrument. In other words, if you've got the VI plug-in inserted on an Instrument track, you simply record-enable that track and record your MIDI into it. Alternatively, if you've got it on an Aux Input (I can't remember which version of PT introduced the Instrument track) then you'll need to create a MIDI track and route its output to the VI (it'll appear as one of the MIDI out destinations).

    I finally upgraded to PTHD8 last night, after waiting a few months. So far so good... Well, bar the odd little hiccup, but basically it appears to work pretty well.

    Hope that helps, if not feel free to get in touch.


    Mac Mini M2 16Gb RAM 500Gb int. SSD 2Tb ext. SSD Pro Tools/Mixbus An awful lot of VI, Synchron-ised and Synchron libraries, amongst others. VSL user since 2003.
  • Thank you both for your feedback. I feel like a horse's rear. I'm a musician more than a pro tools guy. I was told we had Pro Tools 7.0 or maybe I just heard that. BUT I came back to the desk to check this morning and it says it's PT LE 7.3... Whoops :P So I should have an okay version of PT... So, here's what I've done since I've read your feedback. I searched with spotlight to find any sign of the plugin. I've unearthed: viennainstruments.vst in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST viennainstruments.component in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components Sorry again the initial mixup, but does any of this new information help shed some light on this situation? Are these files merely in the wrong folders?

  • Also, I just tried using VI as a plugin in Garageband and it worked... I guess I could make do with that. But I'd still like to know why/how to make it work with PT.

  • Hi again,

    The RTAS plug-in won't be in the VST plug-ins folder, it gets installed in the Pro Tools plug-ins folder. I'm not at my PT Mac right now but if I remember rightly it's in System/Library/Application Support/Digidesign or something like that (rather than in the Users/Library/etc. one). I could be wrong about that though...

    Hang on a sec... Think I've got it. Just checked your original post and you said you installed VI v1.10. That's a VERY old version and it wouldn't've included the RTAS version, so that'd explain it. If you log into your User Area on this website, then go to Software you'll find the latest versions, for the Mac this is v2.0.3452 I think. That will include the RTAS version.You will need to have registered your software to get this, although you don't necessarily need to have run all the Synchrosoft stuff. But you should register anyway.

    Download and install that and you should find that you've got a file called something like "ViennaInstrument.dpm" sitting in your Pro Tools plug-ins folder. That's the one you want. Then, as I say, create either a stereo Instrument track (if you've got that in your version of PT) or if not a stereo Aux Input and you should see it as an available insert.

    Let us know how you get on.


    Mac Mini M2 16Gb RAM 500Gb int. SSD 2Tb ext. SSD Pro Tools/Mixbus An awful lot of VI, Synchron-ised and Synchron libraries, amongst others. VSL user since 2003.
  • Thank you Nick and everyone else for your help. Hopefully the new version will sort everything out. However, I went to User Area->Software and only saw manuals available for download. Where are the upgrades? Sorry for being dense. Could you just post the link to it here?

  • not having registered a product prevents from accessing the respective downloads.

    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Ahhh... Thank you very much. I'm working with an international group. As this was mailed to us by our counterparts in France they may have to take care of this for us then I suspect? Thank you again and again. I got thrown blind into this project. Cheers

  • Hi, I have the exact same problem that you do. I was running VI with Pro Tools 7.3.1 than poof it just stopped working. I, like you have been working on the problem for hours at a time. In fact, this is my 3rd day on it. I too don't seem to have ViennaInstruments.dpm anywhere. Did you ever figure out a fix for this problem? I too feel like a complete dunce and would appreciate any an all help on the matter. Thanks,