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  • Special edition plus - missing articulations

    For some reason none of the basic articulations in VSL special edition plus are working for me. For example, sustain.

    Is this because these are not included with special edition plus or has something gone wrong with the installation?

    Basic articulations appear in the ready made matrixes but they have no dynamic range value when played (looking at DYN.R box in control edit screen).

    I'm running VSL on Logic and installed using DVD's.


  • I'm not sure what you mean when you say that "they have no dynamic range."  When you load up the sustain patch and play it you don't hear anything?  Have you tried adjusting the EXP or VELXFADE controlers?

  • Hi Jasen
    Yes, Ive tried adjusting the controlers. What I mean is that there is no sustain patch to load up from the menu in the right hand column of the interface in patches. Although 'Sustain' exists in the ready made matrix files when it is selected, the dymanic range indicator is blank.

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    Hi Jon,

    you have registered the Special Edition PLUS "only" - it contains additional articulations for all instruments contained in the Special Edition.... and integrates the basic articulations from the Special Edition (legato, sustain, staccato...) in its matrices...

    Here´s an overview of the Special Edition Sample Content, and the Special Edition PLUS Sample Content.

    Hope that helps!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL