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  • Simple audio comparison between the Vienna Imperial and Bosendorfer Imperial

    Some people would like to hear the difference between the Vienna Imperial and the Bosendorfer Imperial, so I did a simple audio comparison with a chromatic scale. The Vienna Imperial track has all the velocities in the scale, starting from 1, increasing by one each note to 100. In the 2nd track, the Bosendorfer Imperial, the exact same track is played but using its own velocities. I hope this will help.

    Vienna Imperial (close mic, no Eq):

    Bosendorfer Imperial:

  • Much appreciated :)

  • Thank you Guy,

    I had the feeling that the Vienna Imperial was a little overkill for my needs and your posting here confirmed my feeling.  I can get by with the Bosendorfer Imperial.  I will say, however, that the Vienna Imperial is probably the best sampled piano I've ever heard and I have auditioned quite a few.

    Thanks again Guy