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  • Have a listen and say what you think:)

    Hello to all of you,

    here i have for you one of my orchestrations. I have also write the song. This song is maybe one year ago and is calling "irish heart" 

    It would be very intrestign what do you say. have fun!:)

    Here you have to choose the song in the player. Don´t be confused that there is namend production trilogy. If you scroll down you can see that ochestration is my thing:)

    all the best


  •  A very moving, huanting and emotional pieceReminded me a little bit of "My Heart Will Go On" but I know your taking an entirely different direction then they did in Titanic.  I like it very much.  This wasn't all done with VSL no?  Could you tell me what other software you're using?

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    @jasensmith said:

    Could you tell me what other software you're using?

    At first many thanks for your words. Yes it´s not titanic😊 it´s like the title is "Irish Heart"😊

    I did it completley with East West Orchester

    East West Orchester Platinium
    East West Symphonic Choirs
    East West RA (For ulliean pipe and irish low whistle)
    and last but not least Ivory for Piano:)

    I like it very much but i think with VSL can there a little bit more. What do you think about it?

  • If I understand you correctly, nothing in this piece is VSL? 


    The reason I went with VSL, when I was auditioning sample libraries, was not just because of the fantastic sound but because VSL offered more flexibility with the VE engine.  Although I think Eastwest puts out an impressive product, I own the symphonic choirs myself, I thought that VSL just gave the user more options with regard to things like Velocity Crossfade, Attack, Release Keyswitching, articulations, Repititions speed control, etc.  To me, it seemed that Eastwest was designed for the "big Hollywood sound" which is fine if that's all you want to do, but I just wanted more flexibility. 


    I'm not sure if VSL will make your pieces sound any better but I think, once you get used to working with the interface, you could compose different pieces that don't sound so homogenous.  Others on this forum would tend to disagree, stating that VSL is far better sounding than anything else on the market and is the answer to all of your composing needs.  Although I respect their opinions, I'm not completely convinced of that as of yet.  However, VSL is the answer to all of my composing needs at this time.


    I don't know if that answers your question but good luck to you and a nice piece anyway.

  • Yes nothing in this piece is VSL

    I think the cool thing about Symphonnic Orchester Platiunium is that you have no trouble with effects, no trouble with the right panning of the instruments.

    But as i see with VSL you have an increddible modular soundtool:). You can start with the basic (VSL VI90 + VI95 SPECIAL EDITION) and if you think that in the stringsection there can be some more atriculation and so on so you buy only this. You can really customize the VSL for your needing and that is great!

    Especially to me VSL becomming intresting cause this basic version give me the chance to compose music on the road. The other thing is, that you can costumize your articulations so you have only the ariculations that you need for your style of playing. The ram detecting and the other stuff is also great and optimize the performcae i think:) Cause i have the Symphonic orchester platinium edtion alredy but this is to large for composing on the road i found some hints to VSL. As far i thought that you have to buy the "Orchester Cube" to have an orchester to arrange. But as i see i have something misunderstood.

    What is your style of composing? Are there any samples to listen?:)

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    @Planet said:

    ) What is your style of composing? Are there any samples to listen?😊


    Well, I'm classically trained in piano so all of my pieces start at the piano.  I'm a big 80's Synth Pop fan so i like electronic music.  I especially like the works of Vangelis, and Suzanne Cianni (when she composed electronic music). 

    Here is some of my early electronic works, I recorded on a Korg Triton workstation with horrid sounding ROMplers samples.  I'm almost embarrased to post them but flattered that you asked.



    If you only have time to listen to one, May I suggest the second one, "A Jessica, Mi Amor." 

    The only VSL piece I have available now is...

    I need to take this piece back in the studio to work on post production but it's tolerable in its present state.

    I have more but I'm having some mastering issues right now.

    I hope you enjoy and thank you for asking.

  • Hey:)

    sorry for my late replay, but at the moment we (my band and i, i play also in a band drums) are moving at the moment the studio. And now we are have to paint the walls ;) Well nice:)

    Mhhh If you like also electronic way of music. You have to listen to the first three albums of mine. "Different Worlds 1-3". This Albums are all created with Triton, Trinity and Z1. So have a listen:)

    Altough this things are old (the oldest 7 years old i still think it´s great:)

    You can listen to an 2 minutes sample here:

    have fun!:)

    all the best Chris:D

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