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  • Vienna Ensemble

    I have installed Vienna Ensemble 3 (latest version) on a slave Mac OS X 10.5.7 brand new computer. Vienna Ensemble Service is running.

    On the master computer, OS X with Logic Pro 8.0.2, in the Vienna Ensemble plug-in window, I cannot see any slave computer in the list of available hosts. 

    I can 'ping' both computers (network connection OK). Firewall is OFF on both computers. Licence is purchased and working.

    What can I do to further investigate what's going wrong ?

  • hi frederic,

    You can also type the IP address of your slave manually into the blank white field below "Slave:" in the connector plugin.

    Be sure to turn off Airports (if there are any) on both machines for further investigation. It might be that the OSX has decided that VE service should announce his presence via Airport instead of ethernet. This sometimes can cause troubles in displaying the right IP´s in the connector plugin.



  • AirPort was already turned off on both computers.

    I also tried to type in the IP address (is not DHCP but fixed IP) but it does not work. When I type it in and clic connect, the plug-in window returns to the first page showing host = "IP I typed in" but status is "Not connected".

    What else can I do ?

  • Hi Frédéric,

    this is obviously a network problem. Does screen sharing work between the two Macs? Can you give us more details about the setup and your network settings?