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  • What is this percussion instrument?

    Hi all,

    To learn and improve I often listen to various soundtracks, and I stumpled upon this one percussion sound I'd find really sweet to have in my music.

    I own the Special Edition Percussion set already, but havn't had any luck finding that sound. Can anyone tell me what this instrument is and where I can find it?

    Thanks in advance,

    - Mark

  • Hi Mark

    Could it be quickly closed piatti in conjunction with a short drum roll of types?


  •  Sounds alot like a short cresc on a steel plate.


  • Thanks for both replies! Any idea where I can get these sounds? Are they in SE Percussion?

  • I don't think you'll find either of the above suggestions in the SE Perc but it still hasn't been established for sure what the instrument is. From what is the excerpt from?


  • It's from the Tomb Raider Underworld soundtrack (by Colin O'Malley and Troels Folmann). Had to cut out only that short piece to avoid copyright issues. But now that I think about it's released as free :D

    More precisely it's "Arctic Sea - Out of Time" and the entire soundtrack can be downloaded at if anybody has interest in it.