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  • A suggestion about Orchestral string series

    Suggestion 1

    First of all, my English is not very good, please excuse me.

    I find the categorised methods of orchestral string I and orchestral string II are different with other products

    I am really unable to understand why

    Other VSL  products    It is all by having mutes or not  to distinguish I and II

    But orchestral string is not

    Should be as follows

       orchestral string I ------->All normal articulation  samples

       orchestral string II ------>All samples with mute

    Like this

    I think in this case, the buying rate will improve much more

    Suggestion 2.

    To me, this is very inconceivable

    Orchestal string is that the prices are the highest in all goods(not include bundle)

    But DEMO is so few

    My strong suggestion, should increase more string music DEMO    

    If products enough well, don't make demo with whole orchestra

    Should be pure Orchestral strings, don't mix demo with Appassionate string or other woodwind...etc

    Must include more adagio, because I have been suspecting that Orchestral Strings  lacks the expression in the adagio  all the time

    Perhaps because  this reason, you do not dare to put Orchestral string alone  in adagio demo, is that right ?

    Hope you prove I am wrong

  • I think the reason the orchestral strings were packaged the way they were was actually a cost cutting move, look at the number of samples involved.  Maybe I'm wrong.

    I'm working on a piece with an adagio passage and I admit it's pretty tricky but i'm finding that the right combination of Expression Vel Xfade and Attack/Release are yeilding satisfactory results.  I'd post it for you but I think you're looking for something with pure strings? 

  • thanks for your response

    expect your demo can prove that my opinion about OS  is wrong

    because  I  seriously  consider  to purchase  Orchestral string

    that is a big price  for me

    and  they olny put  about one or two violins ensemble demo

    hard to tell if this products good or not when i put it in other style music

    especially in adagio ,

    ps.I  know   App strings is good for adagio   but sometimes it seems too lush and lack of articulation(short note,fp.....etc.)

    I've  think this question for a long time

    there is no   compromise  way?

     and my answer is 


    "   If  App strings get more detailed   articulation (like what Orchestral strings get) this problem will be solve"

    can someone in VSL company  answer me why ,  why you VSL produce such a good sample as App strings BUT dont finish it??

    it just like you paint a picture ,when you finish 95% ,  you stop and sell it, you dont perfect it.

    If you add  more articulation to App. strings , I would like to pay twice for the same product ,i really want it to be perfect


    someone show me a demo and prove that is all my misunderstanding about Orchestral strings

    so I can  pruchase it  without doubt

    and  I know  1  is impossible  because the big company wont listen to me ,I am  nobody

    so I try 2.

    that is why i post this topic , seek for help

  •  I must start off by apologizing to you as I know that you are expecting a response from a VSL representative, but did you listen to the demo of Samuel Barber's Adagio?

    I don't know.  It sounds pretty good to me. One thing you have to understand about this technology is that it's not perfect.  Perfection would be a real professional orchestral which would cost a hell of lot more than a sample library.  Part of the fun of this technology is that you can use the MIDI controllers to shape and mold the samples to your desire.  Of all the players on the market, VSL allows more versatility in how you can shape and mold those samples than any other library.

  • yea, Ive listen to that one  since the day 1  they put it in

    but   see the description

    Appassionata violins included
    I can't  decide to buy Orchestral strings  or not   depend on a demo  which Not made by Orchestral strings
    because  i dont know which part he mix the App violins,and  which  doesnt 
    and  I said   perfect the App.strings   ,not mean I wanna something to be perfect in the world
    I mean   perfect it (finish it) ,try to add those  articulation   like  what  Orchestral strings does

  • Hello, 

    I´d like to offer some thoughts on this topic: We have been recording samples for more than 8 years now, and there were quite some surprises included in this long process, also for us [:)]

    When we released Orchestral Strings I&II with the Symphonic Cube, we decided to split the Orchestral Strings so that you can load all articulations of violins and violas on one machine, and all articulations of cellos and basses on the second machine (always considering the RAM limit) - if you wanted to. So this desicion was made to offer maximum flexibility to our users.

    Concerning the articulations included: When we recorded the Orchestral Strings, there was no Vienna Instruments player available, with the great Velocity Xfade and Cell Xfade features, so we recorded tons of dynamic articulations - which are still great to have, especially when you´re featuring strings. 

    Then there was the demand for a "Hollywood" like string section - and we reacted as quickly as possible, calling in 20 violin players, 14 viola players, 12 cellists and 10 double bass players....  just to record some legatos and staccatos, as a give-away for registered users. The result was such a great addition to the Orchestral Strings, that we simply had to record more articulations for the Appassionata Strings (like the great legato, where the players "tune in") and make it a true VI Collection.

    Of course the Appassionata Strings work well on their own - but to use them to their full potential, you will need the Orchestral Strings, with all their special articulations, and the different sound that works great in divisi writing. 

    The Appassionata Strings are available for a great price - considering that you get all 4 BIG sections in one package.

    If you need more details, more choice and more realism, the Orchestral Strings are the right addition. Actually it was "designed" to be the other way around, with the Orchestral Strings being the basis, and the Appassionata Strings as the luxurious addition [;)]

    That´s also the reason why there are so many demos mixing the Orchestral Strinsg and the Appassionata Strings - it´s simply a great match!

    Hope that helps.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL