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  • Concert Guitar - Strumming?

    Hello Guys,

    Just a quick question, since the Concert Guitar patches come with 2 alternate samples for chords (batts and pulls), how do you guys deal with strumming? Old posts in this forum talk about "Alternation Tool" in VI, I guess it was removed at some point.

    I'm using Cubase 5 and as far as I know it doesn't have any method for switching between articulations on each note press. So I'm interested to know if there are any workarounds for this. Thanks

  • Hi there - to alternate the battente and pulled samples I would put a pulled patch in cell #1 and the equivalent battente patch in cell #2, then use velocity to switch between them. (You can set that up in the 'Control Edit' window - just change the H-Span setting from 'Not assigned' to 'Velocity'). Maybe reduce the battente volume a little in the 'Edit Cell' window. Once you're happy with it, save it as a user matrix.

    For an authentic strummed effect you'd need actual up- and down- strums, not sure if the Concert Guitar contains both of these?