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  • Apogee Symphony users - system performance with VSL?

    I've recently purchased a Symphony 64 system with AD-16X, and I'm a bit surprised at the high buffer settings that I need to use in Logic 8 to avoid clicks and pops with VE3.  Anyone else have this issue?

    I have one slave MacPro (8-core 2.8, 14 GB) running Vista64 streaming a template of 64 VSL instruments from a single 7200rpm drive, and my master MacPro (4-core 3.0, 14 GB) running Logic 8/Symphony has 4 instances of VE3 server and 6 Altiverbs, with all VSL audio returning into 64 stereo auxes.  Even with no other plugins instanciated, on a typical cue I need to run Logic with a buffer setting of 512 to avoid pops.

    Any suggestions on improving performance?  In theory, I was hoping to be running the Symphony system at a buffer of 64 - do I need a faster master MacPro (more cores?), faster hard drives (10,000rpm?), what other settings in Logic am I missing to optimize performance?

    Thanks for any suggestions,


  • Oh dear, not good news. I am in the middle of purchasing a symphony system myself, got the Symphony card, X-card and a big ben. Currently saving for the Rosetta 800, thought it would really improve not only the audio quality but the latency. Please keep us up to date with how you get on!!!


  • More drives, dedicated to tasks. You could go, drive 1 = strings arco, drive 2 = strings other artic, drive 3 = winds, drive 4 = percussion and other. that will improve your set up.

    Expect to run a high buffer while Mixing or Mastering. 512 isn't terrifically high. 64 is kind of mythical if you're running this kind of vstis.

    The newer MacPros use faster RAM. I don't know if your machines will host faster RAM than that 800mhz.

    I also might suggest when VE Pro is released that you run OSX on your slave. If I read right, that will obviate your particular need to use Vista 64.

    Also, I would bet that if you use Vienna Suite for the convo verb, you're going to get better performance.

  • Hi,

    I run apogee symphony 64 in Logic with a 128 buffer (on a single Mac Pro 8 core 3.0 ghz - 16 gb ram). With 5 or 6 Vienna Ensemble through Vbus, a bunch of Play plugins and all reverb and effect plugins I don't have any clicks or pops. My library is spread over 4 internal drives and 1 external drive with firewire (7200 rpm). You say you run a 64 instrument template from a single drive on your slave computer. That seems like a lot for one drive to handle. I think that your problem could be solved with some extra harddrives on your slave computer as you have plenty of processing power and RAM.


  • I've also just started using V-Bus to get another 64 channels of audio into Logic, but coming from Bidule in standalone, which hosts Play and Kontakt.  The latency using this method is very low - I assume you are running VE in standalone with V-Bus?

    I will try spreading the VSL libraries across several drives, but will I see a significant performance increase by using 10,000rpm drives (ie, WD VelociRaptor) - or is it not worth the extra $?  Could there also be a bottleneck in VE3's transfer of audio over ethernet - will I have better performance using a dedicated network card?

    128 buffer would be great - but BJ, you are achieving this with V-Bus, not VE3?  My VSL template on the slave is about 11GB - any users achieving BJ's latencies with a similar setup on VE3?


  • Hi Erich,