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  • Controller 14 values not narrow enough in VI

    We are trying to change "cells"/patches within a particular Vienna Instrument program matrix using Controller 14, values 1-37.  It appears that the Vienna Instrument interface does not allow us to narrow the "zones" down to individual values.  For instance, I can't assign two sounds to be selected using adjacent controller values 3 and 4 - the closest we can get when moving the "slider" is a few values away.  Do you have any suggestions or workarounds?

    VSL programming masters please reply.

  • Hi Dean, you probably know that MIDI Controller #14 (like all MIDI controllers) has 127 possible values, right? The sliders mark the cross-over point between two zones. It's true that you can't set two sliders to be absolutely adjacent, but even with the maximum possible amount of sliders (11, showing the cross over points between 12 cells) you still have ten or so MIDI values in between. Is your problem perhaps related to the fact that the slider (rather unhelpfully) displays percentage values instead of real MIDI numbers?

    P.S. is there some reason why you can't use MIDI CC#14 values 38-127?

  • Thanks for your response.  Please see below -

    I have a system that I designed (using Logic environments) wherein I use an external 37 note keyboard to send MIDI Ctrl 14 messages to Logic to change patches/presets (in Vienna Instruments, EXS, or whatever).  For instance, the Logic environment uses Ctrl 14, value 1 to route midi data to a "legato" patch, value 2 to a "marcato" patch, 3 to a "pizzicato" patch, and so on.  My system relies on these controller messages being consistent across my orchestral template, and therefore cannot use midi values 38-127 (each of the 37 notes has a corresponding articulation assigned to it).

    So it sounds like the Vienna Instruments configuration will only allow 11 discreet midi controller value "zones" - and I need 37.  Is there any possibility that a future release/update will allow more "zones" - if not, I may have a difficult time integrating VI into my system.  Do you have any other suggestions for "workarounds" or other solutions?

    Thanks for your help.


  • Hi Dean, thanks for explaining - interesting set-up you have there! The VI can actually hold 144 articulations (12 horizontal x 12 vertical) so there should be a way of doing this. But you will probably have to modify your Logic environment to accomodate the limitations of the VI's matrix system. If your 37 control keys could each generate a pair of keyswitch notes you could navigate 37 articulations within a 12H x 4V matrix.

  • Dean, I have no idea whether or not this is possible in Logic, but in Cubase you can set an input transformer to change most incoming MIDI data, so maybe it would be possible to put one on each of the VSL MIDI tracks to change specific controller values to a keyswitch, for example.