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  • Fast Strings with Special Edition


    I am wondering, what you do to get realistic fast string movements when you own the VI Special Edition.

    Any suggestions?



  •  Hi Sebastian,

    Fast strings?

    Is it solo or ensamble?

    The plus package have some nice trills, and fast repetition samples.

    It depends what you want to do, or what you want your orchestra to do.

    Basic answer, use the staccato patches, they are really good for standard fast movements, and should be enough.

    If not, listen to the demos of the bigger libraries in the speciffic jenre, you can't go wrong there.

    Test a setup with the staccato patches, and tweak the "Cell Edit" page, with the ADSR parameters, and don't forget the most important factor, the "Velocity X-Fade" mapped to for example the mod-wheel, to get the movement of the instrument.

    Also if you are new to the VSL world, add the best reverb unit you have and alot of it, because these samples are rather dry, and they don't sound fantastic without it.

    Look at all the instructions videos, they are all very usefull.

    I get the most realistic sound if I change between the articulations as often as I can.

    If you are the lazy one, as me, use the H-SPAN "Speed" controller for staccato, sforzato, detache and sustain and tweak the timing for your piece, you maybe also want to add the Portamento or legato, but do this with a seperate controller of your choice.

    Right click on a parameter (in windows) and drag your favourite controller a bit for Vienna to learn, absolutely fantastic function!

    Good luck,