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  • Midi vs Notation??? Which do people use / prefer?

    Hello to all!

    I'm new to all of this, and just wondering if there is any preference between users of VSL, or if people use a mixture of both MIDI and notation programs?

    Or is it some people ONLY use notation programs, for instance?

    Is there any benefits to using a notation program like Sibelius/Finale over playing a keyboard or midi mapping in a DAW like Sonar or Logic?

    Discus! :)


  • One way of looking at it: if your priority is to produce a decent-sounding audio rendition, MIDI offers much more control over performance, and, since parts can be played in real time, it's a more direct way of imparting human feel to the music. But if your goal is to produce a printed score / parts and the audio playback is secondary, a notation program would be the way to go.

    If you need both, I can recommend Logic for MIDI (though it's not good for scores). Although I don't use Sibelius I've seen it used successfully many times for score and parts production. If I were engaged full time in producing scores I would create an audio version in Logic, then import a MIDI file of the arrangement into Sibelius and edit it to make a pretty-looking score.

  •  Hi,

    Use MIDI as a basis, and do it live with your keyboard, and then move or quantize.

    If you are familliar to notation, use that, it should work fine.

    Now with cubase5 and the new functionallity with the expression maps, then you get the notation free from keyswitch entries, and also can enter them in the notation area, pristine!.



  • Hello.

    Over many years, I've managed to buy Pro Tools, Logic, Sibelius and Finale.  It only hurt one at a time over about 20 years of being involved in the Digital music world.

    I work with each of the programs for different projects.  Let me give an example that has made things quick for using notation, and then transferring to Logic or Pro Tools;

    My latest thing has been doing some 4 part vocal ensemble arrangements.  I find that it has been very quck and easy to put all the parts into Finale, with lyrics, so that I can print out a good score for people to see and learn their parts.  I don't really care if the sounds are not that great in Finale.  I just want a clean score and parts, with dynamics, etc.  Then, I save the score as a MIDI file, and open it in Logic 8.  In Logic, I can setup using EastWest Choirs to get a good 4 part voice sound.  Then I can bounce these files as MP3 in order to have several files for each person to learn and practice theri parts.

    Finale is pretty quick for me to work with this way.  I've tried Sibelius a few times, but I'm just too familiar with Finale to give Sibelius a thorough workout.

    Pro Tools 8 now has a Score module that is built on Sibelius, but it's much better to use one of the man score programs for me.  This is just the way I've most recently found that is working well for what I'm doing right now.  However, if I do composing without caring about finished notation piece, I'll just work in PT or Logic, depending on what Software instruments I've found to work best with either of those programs.  I know it seems like a lot of stuff to work with, but mayber you already have a good idea of how you'd like to work, and whether or not you need great printouts for people to play.  These programs are all getting so good that you will have a nice time with any of the top choices of software that are available these days.

    Good luck in your choice!