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  • VI Server interface window

    I have a vague memory of an explanation for the existence of the interface "show window" panel when used as an AU plugin,but i still find it very frustrating-I use VI all day, everyday in Logic and i'd love to see it open like every other virtual instrument-Is this likely to happen?.


  • Hi rharman,

    the reason for this "connector" window is that the plug-in connects to an outside server, that allows you to load additional RAM to what you´re loading in Logic (as it is a separate application).

    The best idea for now is to use Vienna Ensemble (only 1 connector window for 16 instruments).

    Let´s see how fast we can come up with a better solution.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul,

    In theory the ensemble idea is good but practically it slows me down-and this is all about doing things as simply and quickly as possible.Also the ensemble will add a number of automation problems.

    The connector window is a gripe but i do very much appreciate the access to additional RAM for VI-surely thought, the interface could be streamlined to just open directly from the plug-in window?.

    I'm sure it's something you have on your to-do list anyway.



  • "Let´s see how fast we can come up with a better solution."


    Here's what I don't understand: why can't a program be written that automatically pushes the "Show Window" button for you as soon as you double-click the channel strip in Logic? I get that some intermediate window MUST appear according to OS laws beyond VSL's power to change. But couldn't an automatic setting (user-enabled) be written that clicks through the "show window" on the user's behalf? 

    Similarly, couldn't some VI code set aside user-defined keys for play / stop within the VSL plug-in? VI is so drag-and-drop, I doubt that we'd miss most keys. 

    Sorry to ask questions when the answers are probably beyond my technical comprehension.