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  • If you had your choice of computer...

    Hi all, I am new to the world of VSL, preparing to make the plunge. Price aside, what is the best computer platform from which to run VSL? Thank you.

  •  Surely HAL 9000

  • I think it's a matter of knowing "how you plan to use VSL" to be able to answer that question.

    Do you plan on running your sequencer on the same machine?  What sequencer are you going to use?  How many instruments do you see yourself using?  String section?  Piano?  Entire Orchestra?  What sound card do you plan on using?  What operating system?

    We have many threads on this already that talk about building new machines.  Read through this thread, you will find a lot of them.  It really depends on how you plan on setting up and using your VSL orchestrations.